How to know for sure if I have termites??

ailene54April 15, 2012

I received a free termite inspection,(Terminex), the inspector looked at the unfinished area of my basement said he saw some "mud tracts" then he took my husband with him into the backyard, was told he moved some soil showed my husband "white bugs" showed us pictures and said they were termites. We also wanted to be covered for ants, which we have had in the past, and he said 1700 for all they would set the baits come back and check them. I called a company who a friend uses for a second opinion knowing her company would be less money, he too looked at unfinished part of basement, went into the garage, and backyard and said we didn't have termites! I'm confused? Can termites just go away? Was first company ripping us off? Could second company be wrong? I plan on calling in a third company to see what they say, first company wanted 1700 to set baits cover us for all other bugs. Second company said 800 to cover us for ants and termites, would set baits too. If I really don't have termites I don't plan on using anyone, but I do live on Long Island and recently read how 90% of homes have termites, can I be in that 10%?? Your thought will be appreciated.

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Mud tubes are the norm for subterranean termites.

They need to return to the earth frequently since that is the location of the queen and nest.

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I understand about mud tubs, but why did only one company see them? Do you think I have them if the other company said I didn't?

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Did the first company look?

It there a warranty on the inspection?

If either inspection was 'free' you got what you paid for.

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Thanks, but all inspections around here are free, except if you need a letter for selling your house. I called up another company who is going to come the end of the week for another "free" estimate. My friend who recommended the second company feels they are honest, if they said I don't have them she said I don't. Why pay for something you don't have? They said nothing was needed..but how preventitive was a good idea?..just paranoid because someone is giving me wrong information.

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I have learned "free estimates" are not always free. They almost always find something wrong. If there isn't something legitimately wrong, I think they sometimes make up things, hoping to fool the gullible, or they even manufacture problems. I have actually ran into this with car repairs, and I wouldn't doubt this is a problem in other industries as well. I have always heard the stories of shady exterminators carrying a small bottle of pests with them and placing them somewhere when you're not looking. If you're not going to follow them around and watch every move they make (most people don't), then ultimately you are just going to have to trust them. I have never called an exterminator. I have never had any problems that I can't handle myself.

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I'm starting to think the second company which is the one my friend has used for several years (in 3 houses) was being honest when they said I didn't have termites, he really went around the unfinished part of my basement hitting it with a stick, and looking for signs, he did same in garage, and when he looked outside he said good news,you don' have any!....the first guy looked downstairs and said he saw signs, and then went outside, moved the mulch and showed my husband bugs, he said you have termites, figured out the charge, and said 1700...second when I asked how much it would be, because of my friend, and not seeing any, was at a discounted price of 800....some difference, but honestly if I have no termites, why treat? Third inspector is coming the end of week, will see what he says....hope I don't have a 4th

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