acdsee - zoom needs to stay the same level - need help / other sw

gardurnitJuly 22, 2009


Why am I having this problem with ACDSEE? - I need the size to stay zoomed.

Many photos I'm using for scientific research can't be seen well. If I zoom

then I can see them properly but each new image , even the old one,

has to be zoomed again.

Is there a way , that I'm not aware of, where I can keep the same zoom throughout

the entire folder.. OR

Where I can zoom, and then keep that same zoom level would be so great.

If not ACDSEE then what?

Thanks a lot.

About me and why I want to help you

( I realized i went overboard. Sorry. I'll shorten it up a lot)

My background is a degree in electronics in 1975. I was 20. I worked

in many related fields from satellite telephone communications to audio sound recording (my own business).

I acquired an appreciation for the highest quality laboratory instrumentation as I worked as a consulting

engineer and later scientist for Silicon Valley companies and many others around the world. I retired at 46 and have been

donating time for free. I'm willing to help you for free.

Work became to much like work and I knew my American Dream was fading away. I think it's made for young

people who begin early and work smart.

My work was with plasma physics, chemistry, and designing and building analytical laboratory instrumentation.

Later I designed experiments for analytical labs mostly for precious metals mining companies.

I've worked mostly with optics, electronics, chemistry at some of the best labs in the world including IBM, Stanford, Genentech,

and 100's more.

I studied basic human medicine for 2 years and am fascinated by surgery.

If you ever need help with materials or questions regarding inorganic (materials) elemental analysis (spectroscopy) photonics, or

electronics including batteries feel free to ask.

No question(s) are too small or large. And the help is free.

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Can you do a batch resize/resample so they don't need to be zoomed at all? Or are they being displayed at less than 100% at first?
If yes to the second question, there must be a "view" preference to show images at full size (100%), not "fit to screen" or window on initial display.

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