In search of a SIMPLE slab wood entry door to customize

chaparralNovember 21, 2011

Hi all--

We want to create a simple, modern entry door with a slab (not panels) and a single tall lite. I found a great source of glass inserts that we can use, from Crestview Doors:

Here is the kit:

Here is an example of it installed in a door:

I have tried all kinds of door shops on the Internet, and suppliers such as TM Cobb, and can't find any SIMPLE slab exterior door. We need 7' x 3', with a 7 1/3" jamb, pre-hung.

Anybody have ideas on where I can find this?


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80" is a standard height door. 96" is a standard height door. 84" is non standard. A custom woodworker or cabinetry shop should be able to put something together for you.

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Go to a lumber yard and ask for a 1 3/4" thick Stave Core Birch Door, it will be a solid lumber core door that this type of lite kit will work perfectly in. I would definitely recommend getting a STAVE core door as opposed to a standard solid core door as the std solid core door will have a particle board core which will not hold up outdoors. As such even a Stave Core door will be veneered and it will be important to keep it properly finished and protected so it does not delaminate.

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