PSP 7 problem

sugar_flJuly 15, 2006

The auto save on my PSP7 gives me an error message that the auto save file is not valid or has been damaged.

The 1st thing I did was delete the registry.. That didn't fix it. Then I was told elsewhere to put the disk in & install without deleting it. That didn't work. Then I delted the program & completely reinstalled & the message is still there.

Problem 2:

My animation shop doesn't work. It gives me an illegal. It happens after I add the pictures & click next. I haven't deleted it & reinstalled yet. what is going on with PSP7?


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I guess no one has help so I hope this post will help it move on down & get off page 1.

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Hang in there Dar. It's slow around here lately but maybe someone will come along with an answer for you.

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Sorry about that Sugar but I don't have a clue.
Was going to suggest a reinstall but U have done that?

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