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stats99April 22, 2009

I need to move a recently installed chain link vinyl fence about 8 inches. There are about 10 fence posts representing about 100 feet of 4 foot high fencing attached. How can this be done? Can they dig up the current posts (cemented) or will they have to saw off and replace the posts? What is cheapest? Having difficulty getting someone to look and give an estimate, original contractor has blown it off.


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i take it you installed it over the line?

they will have to take down teh existing chain link, remove teh top rail, dig up each post, dig a bigger hole at the new location, set the existing posts(concrete and all) in teh holes, that add fresh concrete to fill teh larger holes. reinstall teh top rail, put the CL back up, stretch it and tie it down. not a hard job, but time consuming.

it will go quicker is you buy new posts, sink them, then move the existing CL and toprail to it.

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I agree with davidandkasie. It is possible to break the concrete off the metal posts and resink them in new concrete especially if the concrete is not fully cured. I did this when removing some old fencing and the concrete was fully cured...actually broke away from the posts easier than I expected.

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stats99, assuming you had the posts put over the lot line. You need to remove them, concrete and all, and repair your neighbors yard. The neighbor might decide to plant something next to your new fence and shouldn't have to dig up the cement you put there in error.

If the fence is on your side of the lot line, you can cut the poles off then one by one, when you get energy dig them out if you want to plant something there.

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