How well does chalkboard paint really work?

Sueb20July 6, 2010

Terriks' post reminded me of a question that's been in the back of my mind. We're renovating our beach house and the kitchen will be black and white. There's a closet door in the kitchen that I was thinking about painting with chalkboard paint for drawings, notes, etc., but I haven't used the paint before and I wonder how well it works, and how it holds up over time. Does it work as well as a real chalkboard? Do you erase with a regular chalkboard eraser? Finally, what brand would you recommend?


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I have used it. I think its alittle more watered down than regular paint. You use it the same as a regular chalkboard. With and eraser or water and a least thats what I do. It is suppose to "cure" on the wall for a few days before you use it. I got it from Home Depot. I think they only sell one brand...not sure what it is.

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I used it in the center of 1 kitchen cabinet. It took several coats to get the look I wanted but it worked great.

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I used it on the back entrance door in my kitchen. The paint went on just like many other paints I've used. I erase it with a wet sponge. Once in awhile I use detergent to wash it to remove grease reside that accumulates in the kitchen air and coats it. You'll love your chalkboard. I used the back door so I can read it before I leave to see what errands and things I have to do when going out. I can't miss it.

I only saw one brand at the store and grabbed it. I can check what it was. I used the paint-on rather than the spray, and I used black instead of the green available. I ended up with a quart because that was the only size on the shelf but I know now that it comes in little 8oz cans too. You don't need much to paint a flat door.

Also consider if putting magnetic paint under the chalkboard paint will give you more useful options. I wish I had done that so I can put up things I need to grab before going out the door rather than reading my chalk note and then running back through the house to grab an important paper or shopping flyer.

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Once it's up with sufficient coats, it works great. A friend of mine painted one whole wall in her powder room with chalkboard paint, and it was great fun to see the comments left in there by guests. I could have never pulled that off, but she managed to make that room look great. :)

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There are different colours now too. Haven't used it, but saw several colours at Joanne's fabrics the other day: navy and red in addition to black and green I think. Lowe's also has whiteboard paint now, which I saw in the store the other day.

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I had a friend who painted a wall in her child's room with chalkboard paint. I remember seeing very distinct brushmarks. Not only did they detract from the look, they interupted the writing. It was more than 20 years ago. Perhaps the paint has improved.

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I used a foam roller to apply mine - 3 coats. It is very smooth.

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Multiple coats is the key. You can spray or roll. It works like a regular chalk board.
Any hardware store carries it, HD and Lowes may be best pricepoint.
And yes, the application has improved!!

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I love chalkboard paint! A friend used some in her buisness to paint the tops of the tables. It has held up well and works very well.

In my house, I painted a wall with it in my pantry and love it. It's been up and used daily for well over a year and it's great. I used a recipe from Martha Stewart for chalkboard paint (I'll post the link below). I use less than half of the non-sanded grout that the recipe calls for. Also, satin finish works just as well (oddly) as flat paint. If you are concerned about brush strokes, use a roller. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint Recipe

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I just got home from Home Depot 30 minutes ago. I was inspired by the same post today about the pantry door with the metal and chalkboard area. The chalkboard paint is by Rust-Oleum. They have the standard black, tintable product that you can choose what color to have it mixed as and also a magnetic version. I got the standard plain black which is a 30 ounce can at a price of $9.98. One can covers 95-120 square feet per coat. The tintable was approx. $2 more and I believe the magnetic was around $20 a can.

I bought a 12" x 24" piece of sheet metal so that I can have a magnet board area but I wanted the remainder which will be approx. 38" x 24" to be dedicated chalkboard only.

I also bought 2 disposable foam roller applicators as rollers are the recommended item to use.

Hope this helps!

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Sherwin Williams sells a magnetic chalkboard paint....thick as mud and it feels funny to apply due to the thickness, but makes a fabulous magnetic chalkboard. We have closet doors in our basement in the townhouse done entirely in this paint (took two coats) and it washes wonderfully, is very durable, I love the stuff.

I sanded lightly between coats which makes all the difference. They also have a straight chalk board paint (they're quart pails in green) with an oil base (which our faux painter dude said was the best way to go).

I use a roller and a brush because the doors I did had detail. The light sanding took out all of the brush marks.

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Older DSÂs best friend did one wall of his bedroom in blackboard paint. Smooth, no problems writing on it, and it has been up and used for about 10 years now.

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Do you need to sand off the texture of a wall before applying it to a regular wall?

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Andrea Sheehan

A blog online had a recipe for using any paint to make a chalkboard Including your choice of black. Here’s the secret formula: for each cup of regular paint in any color, add in 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout and stir to break up clumps. Apply paint with a roller or sponge paintbrush, and use multiple coats for even coverage. After it dries, sand lightly with 150 grit sandpaper and wipe off dust. Rub the side of a piece of chalk over the entire thing, then wipe away chalk with a barely damp sponge.

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Andrea Sheehan ... did you notice that you replied to a post that is nearly 5 years old? Bringing up old zombie posts means that new and relevant posts get pushed back and are harder to find.

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asm198 - Zone 6a (MO)

From her profile, she seems to be new and might not have realized.

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I don't mind the zombie post about chalkboard day it would be nice to have a place to do something like it :)

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