NextEngine 3D scanner - output to web

krisbfunkJuly 25, 2007

I am using the NextEngine 3D scanner with bundled ScanStudio software. The required end result of the single models are low poly (15,000 or less) for interactive web display via flash/java3D using (likely) Holomatix Blaze 3D as the Java3D/Flash export (and maybe lighting). I am aware of Polytrans, which seems to have superior poly reduction plugins for Maya/Max/XSI & also stand-alone software which may help achieve models of good size that can be used for my application needs.

But, I would like to know if anyone has recommendations for a user friendly process and maybe recommend software (and steps within this software) that will help me achieve this.

My typical problems with direct models out of ScanStudio are: no camera, no lights, extremely high poly models. From tests done so far, just exporting models as OBJ and importing into any editor, setting the camera positioning / directional lighting and then viewing with a 3D viewer .. the model materials appear metallic (no bump mapping?) with specular glare (material modification?).....

When the model is viewed in Scanstudio it appears to be lit from within, with even flat lighting on all surfaces, and the materials look proper.. which actually wouldn't be that bad if it was less time consuming to prepare a model.. this lighting & material type is also the case when directly importing into Holomatix Blaze 3D before adding lighting.. however as soon as you add a HDX (HDR) light source the model returns to it's metallic looking state on all surfaces. Perhaps lighting setups can be imported or created.. but what about the materials.. do these need to be modified for each individual model & texture to get real looking surfaces?

Any suggestions or recommendations you could make would be appreciated.

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