New Roof- Need more ventilation

fairfield8619April 13, 2014

Pretty sure I need more, I think. We are getting a new roof due to hail damage and this is the time to add ventilation. No money for ridge and soffit so it will have to be either the turbines which everybody has around here or passive vents. I know insulation is the most important and that is next, but the attic is very hot and now is the time for vents while the roof is off. This is Louisiana and very hot and humid and all we have is gable vents and small ones at that. House was built in 1960 and I don't think they put much thought into venting the attic. I would prefer the passive vents for looks, I really hate the turbines. What would you do?

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"No money for ridge and soffit". And you want passive venting? The best ventilation contractor nor the fine folks on GW can tell you how to best vent your attic without seeing it, much less at no cost. It doesn't cost that much to increase size of gable vents and put vents in the soffits. That is if you even have soffits,which again noone besides you knows. Pay a contractor to measure and properly vent the place. Otherwise live with it until you can part with a few dollars.

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There's really no way to answer this without a LOT more details. One rule of thumb is that anything that moves is more long-term trouble (and noisier) than things that don't.

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I'm in La. with gable end vents.
unless you've had issues caused by
ventilation of attic...why change it?

old guys knew is the crazy rooflines
we build now that make ventilation more

with attics..there is a forumla for net free area of attic
for adding soffit & determining ridge vent requirements.

and there are three methods of ventilating attics.
each is a stand alone method.
gable end vents
soffit with turbine
soffit with ridge vents

mix them up and the air doesn't vent
as you've changed the air flow pattern.

metal roof??

best of luck

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Ridge venting is CHEAP. Soffit vents are CHEAP. And then your problem is solved.

There's only one right way to do this.

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Ridge venting is cheap if you take out the labor, I don't know where you all live and things tend to be low cost here. I'm using a real contractor and not a crook. IF THERE IS NO MONEY, THEN THERE IS NO MONEY! Get it? You sound like the guys that came by the next morning after the storm wanting to fix the roof. Thanks energy_rater_la, you helped with good info.

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I think a few people were trying to help you... don't know why you went off like that.

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Thanks for confirming that my next column needs to address the subject of customer denial.

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A bunch of snarky contractors always looking for a buck. I certainly don't have customer deniel- it's called NO MONEY- what is it that you don't understand? Last time I looked there wasn't $ bills hanging on the trees. I was asking for the lesser of two evils and all I got was smart aleck remarks. Really thanks for nothing, and thanks for the chastising for NO MONEY. Typical snotty internet attitude.

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OOOOOOOORRRRRRR, you could have ELECTED to thank the contributors for the suggestions, as ideas to consider when your finances improve.

So, in that light, don't rule out a whole house fan.

But then, there id s learning curve.

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You got the best advice from several knowledgeable folks.

Adding turbines or passive vents when gable vents are used reduces the efficiency of either or both. Example, the turbines allow hot air to be exhausted---the replacement air has to come into the attic from somewhere---it will take the path of least resistance and come in the gable vents. That means the majority of the air in the attic is static--very little actual ventilation.

Adding a ridge vent when the roof is stripped to sheathing is usually less expensive than adding three or four turbines or six to eight passive vents.

Cutting soffit vents is cheap, Adding grills is cheap. Only other expense is sealing the gable vents.

The expense is encountered if bridging under the sheathing is necessary---and that could be a part of the later on insulation project.

The ridge vent is install and forget---no moving parts, works on natures rules(hot air rises), and is vastly more efficient that turbines or passive vents. And the soffit vents force the incoming air to enter at the base of the attic---and moving most of the air ---improving ventilation.

You asked for the best opinion---and got the best option from several folks.

You could get a ridge vent(materials) for about $150-$200. Labor is barely a total of 2 hours. Three good turbines will cost from $150-$175) and the same labor.

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" Typical snotty internet attitude."

You gotta be kidding me! I trust she'll not be back.

Absolutely amazing.

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I agree Fairfield was rude and ungrateful. But don't assume it was a woman! Most of us are nice and appreciate the free advice we are getting here. How can you be out for a buck when you are just trying to help over the internet?

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OK, you and I will keep it between us guys. ;-)

This post was edited by saltidawg on Mon, Apr 14, 14 at 20:10

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all snark aside... OP
if there were no issues caused by
existing ventilation...don't add any.
simple, don't 'fix' what isn't broken.

from reading your first post...this is an insurance
re-roof? metal roof?

in any case...getting excited & defensive doesn't
do anything but add to the chum in the water.
GW isn't always like this...but it gives back what
it is given.

I've been here for years & have never made a
dollar off of anyone here..

best of luck.

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what ever advice you get from other members are important but think about your need and choice, if you likes some other setting, be ready to do it because it is you who lives in this house and will bear all consequences of remolding

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Say what??????

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fairfield, in many jurisdictions, getting a new roof requires a permit, and many building codes specify how much ventilation is required per square foot. You'll certainly have a choice as to which ventilation type is used, but not IF or how much.

saltidawg, what Mayaa was trying to say was a preference if the option for homeowner to think for remolding, advice has timing. Consequences appear.

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" but not IF or how much."

Minimum required amounts of ventilation of both the subfloor, where it exists, as well as the "accessible" area of the attic are required to be ventilated as prescribe by the adopted code and is defined in the form of a formula.

It's also based upon the square foolage, not the cubic footage.

1/150 and 1/300, come to mind.

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Sophie Wheeler

The cheap and easy thing IS ridge vents and soffit vents. Epecially over time. Costs less up frot and over time. Foolish to even consider anything else.

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"She's" not going to reply. lol

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I feel so auful because all this would have been averted had I reveled my trade secret for creating air circulation in the attic without spending money. Cut holes that alow birds free access to the attic. All the fluttering about will circulate air. This comes with caveat however. Don't blame me if folks cross to the oppisite side of the street when they see you comeing because they heard you have birds in the upstairs.

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nothing wrong with gable long
as they are working & there are no issues.

klem1 if OP is like me...bats would be a welcome addition
instad of birds. they eat lots of mosquitoes..and we grow mosquitoes big on the bayou!
and besides if the house has a belfry...its a classic!

y'all have a good one!

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