Tip for 'Scotch-Brite' brand scouring pads *very* inexpensively

paint_chipsApril 5, 2008

I usually don't post in this forum. Normally you can find me in the Decorating forum, but I wanted to share a tip.

The green ScotchBrite scrubby sponges are very expensive in my grocery store. They are a few dollars for a couple small sponges. Because I toss them frequently after they loose their tooth or when I feel they have become unsanitary, I went looking for other options. Off-brands didn't work as well for me. They didn't scrub as well or last as long.

In Home Depot, usually in the cleaning section, one can find a giant pack of SHEETS of Scotch-Brite scouring pads. It is called "Commercial Sized". The sheets are 6" X 9" and a package comes with 8 sheets!

I cut each sheet with sissors into 6 regular sized pads, so the entire package makes 48 pads. But I usually cut them even smaller to get 64 or 80 from one package, or into multiple sizes so I don't waste a big sponge on a little job.

The price at Home Depot for this large package of sheets is only 2 or 3 dollars more than those small packages of only 3 or 4 that we were buying at the grocery store.

I really hope this tip helps someone! It is such a simple way to save quite a bit of money while still getting a great working product. I am just so excited that they are REAL Scotch-Brite (even their green color with their logo printed on them in white, exactly like at the grocery store), a brand that works the best for me.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Are these actual 'sponges' or sheets about 3/8" thick of the green scrubbie material?

I have bought the sheets of the scrubbie material at various places maybe Dollar General, other Dollar places, and in the junk bins at flea markets for a $1 or 2 for several sheets in a package.

One thing I discovered is that where are various 'grits'. Some are so soft they would not scrub anything off...like scrubbing with a dish cloth or something. I found that the green colored ones, no matter where I bought them, were the best...as they would really scrub well.

Thanks for sharing...will have to check them out at Home Depot. I too cut them down, depending on what I'm using them for. I also keep certain ones for use on things outside or the vehicles.


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I'm pretty sure she's not talking about sponges. I've seen the regular "Scratch"-Bright (as I call them!) pads, not a sponge at various places including Home Depot. As she said, ask for the "commercial" size.

They use a color code for the various textures. As I recall the white is the "softest" for using on non-stick and the like and the green is for heavy duty, like oven cleaning and they will scratch up most anything if you're not careful!

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I used to use scotchbrite sponges on ss & alum pots and pans... until I got tired of spending a small fortune for them. One day I needed a huge pot and the only one around was a very thick expensive looking heavy aluminum one that the bottom was burnt both inside and out...

After scrubing myself to death with scotchbrites on that pot and only slowly making headway, I went and grabbed some wet/dry sandpaper and have been using it on everything Stainless and Alum ever since. Same old sheet of wet/dry.

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These are the green scouring pads, but they come in sheet size.

They feel thicker than the grocery store ones and both my husband and I have noticed that they seem to stay much gritty longer than the grocery store ones. -Like these are a better quality somehow.

The green off-brand pads that I could find in the area and in the dollar stores were just terrible in my experience. I tried a couple different types, but could never find anything that worked as well.

Glad to know about the color coding! I didn't know that. I will have to look out for that in the future.

Mikie, if I have a pot that is burnt badly inside I will boil some water in it to soften it. Let the pot cool until it is safe to clean. I find things come out MUCH faster that way.

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Or try sealing it in a plastic bag with some ammonia and forget about it for a while. Sandy

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Hello paint chips,

Welcome to this place ... we appreciate that you may have some Scottish characteristics ... there are some like that, here.

The Brite ones know that Scotch ... is what comes in the bottle.

Thanks for the money-saving idea - and it appears that you received a benefit through coming, as well.

There's a pretty good bunch over at the Kitchen Table, as well, in case you haven't visited there.

I think that we're going to need to learn a lot of money saving ideas ... and that sooner, rather than later.

A number of high level jobs have been going offshore, and our fuel and food prices are going up ... as have our utility prices in recent years.

Though wages haven't risen, prices have, and quite a number have gone into debt to maintain their lifestyle.

Some discussion over at Household Finance has been dealing with financing a lifestyle and a home, for not only today, but tomorrow, as well.

Good wishes to you and yours.

ole joyful

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One alternative to these is the old fashioned pumice stick. Those things really do a number on stuff. And they're cheap. I break them up since they last a long time and have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Read the instructions but surprising the materials they will clean without damaging.

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Hi cynic,

Where does one get a pumice stick?

Will it scrape off whiskers?

o j

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I was looking for an induction-ready non-stick interior large fry pan and on my way to buy it at a retailer for $45. I stopped off at Goodwill on my way (2nd time ever) and found the exact pan for about $8.00. Only problem was, the exterior was covered in burnt-on grease. Bought a spray can of Easy-Off oven cleaner, sprayed the pan (took several applications) and it looked like new!! Thankfully, the interior of the pan was "clean". I tried Scotchbrite first, but the grease was so badly burned on it didn't make a dent.

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Well Joyful, guess we won't know till you try! I see them at Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, and even at some of the bigger grocery stores. They'll be with the cleaning supplies, probably on the top shelf since they're not big movers but I do see them around. Could even check hardware stores. Seems to me I've seen them at dollar stores too.

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