Roof prep

drgto1969April 19, 2010

Question. I am going to have a boom truck deliver the shingles but have some questions. I'm going to remove the old roof down to the plywood....then

I was going to prep the roof with tar paper before putting the shingles on the roof and then cover with a big tarp in case of that the best way?

Also, one 'A' roof is 15sq and the other is there a suggested way to spread the bundles around the roof so it does not have too much weight in one place and they don't get in the way.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Distribute the bundles evenly along the ridge.

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rent a dumpster for tear off materials.

take roof down to plywood replace any damaged

install drip edge..felt/tar paper goes over drip edge
not under drip edge.

install felt (30 lb is best) with button cap nails
start felt install at eaves and in overlapped ( 6" overlap)
rows of felt to peak of roof.
this will drain water off the roof and not into the rows
of felt.

tarp isn't necessary, felt can be left exposed for
a while, but plan to do shingle install as soon as possible.
rain won't damage it, but be sure dew is dry before working'
on felt as it can be slippery.

once felt is installed is the time to have the shingles

you will want the shingles distributed over the roof so that
you won't have long distances to move shingles to install.
and to distribute the weight.

like the felt install you start at the edge of the
roof to install.

there are steps not covered in this post, but this
is what comes to mind this evening.

best of luck

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Using Ice and Water Shield over the entire roof as an alternative to felt is worth considering. It is more expensive, but not significantly so as a percentage of the total job. Use it at least along the eaves, edges and in any valleys. Labor, not the materials, constitutes the biggest part of a roofing job whether you're doing it yourself or paying someone else. Using the best materials you can just makes economic sense.

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