Tree Fairy

kyryJuly 21, 2006

I finally found a little time to PSP. Too darn hot to be outside! I kind of did a short version, hadn't realized I covered the sailboat with the fairy till too late, and I should have put a border around it. Hey I'm just happy I got to work on one, getting a little rusty.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tree Fairy

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Beautiful work Carol
I haven't done anything with PSP for a long time either.
I discovered hand made cards - iris folding and it's quite addictive!
Hopefully next week i'll find time (and motivation) to try this so thanks for the inspiration and of course the link.
Sue :)

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I think we have all been on a break. I've been busy trying to do some crocheting for Christmas so I don't have to do it all at the last minute like last year!
I like what you did Carol.

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That is darling Carol.
Love it!
I too have been detained with fixen fixer uppers and trying to figure out how to run a new toy (DVR) I just bought.


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Thank you all. Sue how did you start learning about making handmade cards? I just love them. I made a couple at Christmas but it was just a pkg. with all the supplies included. I was at Cosco the other day and found a big standing box with 34 different handmade cards all separated with tabs and filed under Get Well, B'day etc. And what a buy for $15.00. They are beautiful. What is Iris folding?
Good luck with your DVR Urlee. Is that like TiVo?
And Judy, how organized are you!!! I think it is great you are starting already.

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I made afghans for the girls(6) for Christmas last year and this year it is the boys turns and I am trying something different so it is taking longer. I've got 3 done and 3 more half done!! The colors on one of them is so bad I have to keep leaving it or go dizzy!!! haha

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Judy you said girls and boys, I hope that is husbands and wives, or do you have 12 children? Whew!
Redid my original I like this one much better.

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I like your second better too but the first one is pretty nice.
Nope those are grandchildren. Maybe next year my 4 kids and spouses will get some. That is if my fingers hold out!
If I had 12 kids I would be in a straight jacket by now!! haha

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Carol both are lovely but shouldn't the leaves be falling from the tree in animation too? ((grin, duck and run))

I emailed you about the cards.
Sue :)

This is Iris folding:

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me again
Carol - I can't get the tree fairy link to work :(
i can get into the PSPReform site but them ave no idea where to look.
Sue :)

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I agree Judy, can't imagine 12!!!!!
Sue it is under reformskool resource room,Tutorials,PRS Exclusives, Sig Tag Tutorials, 4th page. Now after all that, you will need a nap before starting. No fallinf leaves, made three different versions. That was enough. I am checking my email now, thanks.

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Nah looks like I'm out of luck.
I can find it now but when I click on the Magical tree link it just loads a blank page and says Document done. Probably because I'm not a member.

Never mind I'll just admire yours.
Sue :)

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