I forget how to do this....help please

maybee_gwJuly 21, 2005

So..I have this picture and I wanted to remove the background and just have the character in the cookie. I used my selection tool and selected the area..then I clicked "crop to selection"...this "did remove the background, but it left it on this black square...how do I remove that part?

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Hi Maybee
Use the magic wand to select the black areas that you don't want.
Then go to Selections - Invert.
Paste as new image
You now will have the cookie and monster on a transparent background.
You might need to then use the eraser to get rid of any stray black pixels around the edge.
Hope this makes sense
Sue :)

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Then when you have the circular image on a transparent background, choose "File/Export/GIF Optimizer" and save it with the existing transparency.

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