Granite: purple dots update

SaraKatJuly 17, 2012

I wanted to let you know that I finally got the granite mistake changed out! Thank you so much for helping me to stand up for myself! Even though they did not do a great job of installing the new remnant of Carerra and damaged my mirror and left a scratch on the marble when drilling the faucet hole, I didn't even say anything I was so happy to have the other piece removed. It took several months but it's changed out and I am thrilled to not have to "live with" the other top that I had resigned myself to. I can fix the mirror by just adding some trim around the mirror as it is damaged right above the backsplash. I just wanted to be done with this company and we can take care of the rest somehow. We just have to have the floor tiled now and we will be finished! Thanks so much again! I tried to link the original message but it wouldn't let me.

The new top

I love the Carrera

Here's a picture of the first counter top that was cut from a different piece than we picked out and the veining running front to back instead of side to side

another view, we changed out most of the old brass but still some to go

They had a Carrera remnant and since it was there they let us switch to it thank goodness. I will eventually change the wallpaper and the new tile sample is sitting on the floor in the second picture. Not sure which size of the floor tile we'll end up using. Even though they cut the wrong sinks in the first try we decided to keep them rather than try to get that resolved, I'm getting used to them now and it's ok with me. Faucets from Signature Hardware dot com.

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Sara, it's absolutely stunning, classic and timeless. I'm so glad that you finally got what you wanted. The marble changes everything and the sinks look very nice in them. Congratulations!

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Thank you so much, my3dogs, I'm so much happier with this and it did wonders for the look of the bathroom. You can see the damage to the mirror in the current pictures as opposed to the pictures of the first counter. I am hoping that some mirror trim will cover it, I think it will. I'm looking forward to getting the tile in and I also purchased some tiny brick tiles to put on the side of the bathtub to crisp that up. They are backsplash tiles in Carerra and I think they will look good on the side of the tub in the adjoining room. The tub has a slab face of cultured marble.

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My it pays off to keep after them. It looks so much better. You must be soo relieved.

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yayagal it definitely looks about a 1000 times better. I actually like it now and can see a pathway to a finished room instead of wondering how I was going to make that work. We have been doing several updates in this house and it's so frustrating at times. I don't ever seem to like anything after it's done!! I mean I appreciate that it looks and functions better but I just wish it was giving more appealling aesthetics bang for your buck. I think it's harder to do updates and work around things than to start out being able to change everything!!! Thanks for your comment, I am very relieved!

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