Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener

istrangerApril 20, 2007

I'm having trouble with my garage door opener (Craftsman 1/2 HP 41A4315-7C). It only opens half way and then stops. When I push the button again (either the wall panel or remote) it will close. Sometimes it will open all the way. There are no obstructions since the door opens fine on it's own(not connected). Also without the door attached to the drive it will still open halfway sometimes and all the way other times. Any idesas? It's 11 years old and was in the house when I moved in. Could it be wearing out and in need of replacement? Thanks.

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You just completely contradicted your self in your post. If it only opens fine half the time manually then something is obstructing it somewhere. If you have a tough time lifting it sometimes then the opener is going to do the same. I would check for obstructions when it reaches the point where it stops. If it is a torsion spring system. ( Spring on a bar directly above the door ) look to see if there are any obvious binds. If it has extension springs ( springs that run parallel with the horizontal tracks ) it could be a number of things.

I would suggest calling out a tech to see what is going on for this is a hard one to diagnose over the computer.

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I apologize for my statement wasn't clear. When I said it does the same thing disconnected I wasn't refering to the door but to the actual garage opener (the part that connects to the door and pulls it up) It (The gargae door opener) does the same thing with or without the door attached. It will go all the way up, sometimes 1/2 way and sometimes 2/3 of the way without the door attached. Going down is no problem. Also if their was an obstruction wouldn't the door go back down and not stop?

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Ok, gotcha now. If I were their I would pull off the cover and see if anything inside looks worn. Check out the gear, if there is a bunch of white saw dust looking stuff the gear is wearing on you and in need of replacement. Also look for ground up metal on top of the opener itself right next to the sprocket and on top of the gear. If this is the case you will need a whole gear and sprocket assembly. If all that checks out good the problem is probably in the circuit in board in which I would invest in a new opener rather than trying to repair it. The board is going to cost around 90 bucks and you can buy a new opener for about 150 bucks with up to date technology.

No, On the way up if the door becomes obstructed in some way it just stops.

Good luck.

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Thanks. I pulled off the cover today and everything looks good. I think you're right about the circuit board because the power seems to cut out as if something is shorting. I checked all of the connections and everything looks tight. If I push or wiggle the circuit board the power comes back on. However it's only doing this once in a while. I'll keep my eye on it and probably replace it. Thanks again.

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I have bought a craftsman garage door opener and installed it. Now, it will go up fine. When I push the remote it clicks and the light bulb flashes 10 times. The sensors are installed and both lights are steady and bright. The Diagnostic LED is flashing two times saying that there may be a short in the wires. I traced the wires and didn't notice anything. The door will go down with the overide from the wall mount control. Any thoughts?

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The 2 blink code of the LED is "sensor shorted or wires reversed." Make sure the 2 white wires with the black tracer are connected to terminal 3 and the two white wires go to terminal 2.

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My Craftsmen 1/2hp garage door opener will just "click" and the LED blinks 5 times.
What does that mean?

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I'm having the same problem. The weird thing is I have two garage doors which stopped working at the same time. I went to open a door and it stopped half way up. It will go back down but again gets stuck going up. I decided to troubleshoot it later and went to open the other door only to have it jam half way up. This has never happened before. What's up?

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I believe my 1998 craftmans 1/2hp has shorted out...last week lost power & when it turned back on the led on the inside push button flickers. The remote worked at first but then i reset the learn button & it stopped working. Door was working fine so i believe its not the wiring. Can the circuit board on the push button be shorted out?

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Yes the wall control can be bad but it may be locked. If the light in the wall control is still flashing, press and hold the lock button for 3 seconds. You say you reset the learn button. I don't even know what that means. If you pressed and held it for 6 seconds you will need to program all your remotes.

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