French doors for standard size door

jules1906November 10, 2008

I'm looking for French doors small enough to fit a standard door size if that makes sense. I saw glass paned doors like these in someone's house fairly recently, so I know they can be made. I'm just not sure if they have to be custom made. I've checked Home Depot and Lowe's, but wasn't sure where else to look. If someone could help lead me in the right direction I would really appreciate it!

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Start with the frame size.

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The door size we have now is 30" w x 80" h. The outside of the frame is 35"w. Is that what you mean? Thanks.

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Doors are specified by the number of leafs, frame size (inside dimensions), thickness, and description of material/glass lights. Doors are sized to fit in the frames so they are slightly smaller and the outer edge is slightly beveled.

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And you want two doors in 30" because...?

We have a pair of doors in a 36" opening into our master bathroom because I wanted them to fold back against angled walls. (Remember, you will need two hands to open these doors and pass through this opening.)

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"And you want two doors in 30" because...?"

Mostly because of safety, but also because of space. If you saw our kitchen and where the door to the basement is, you would understand. There is limited space between the door swung open and the kitchen island (even after we moved the island in the other direction). Since it is the door to the basement, we don't want to take it off, therefore the only other option is to have two small doors. Aesthetically or ideally, is it the best option? No, but realistically it makes more sense since we have five children and the door is always getting swung open, running the risk of someone getting smooshed.

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Lay it out carefully. Double doors like bi-fold, pocket, and sliders often appear to solve problems but only create new problems. Perhaps you should show us the plan.

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On the Masonite website it shows their standard sizes for interior french doors to be 12', 16', 18' or larger. You would need 2-15's or a tad smaller for your space.

When you said french doors, I assumed that you wanted them with glass (since that is what a french door is). However, I would not recommend a full glass door at the top of a stairs. Too many opportunities for glass breakage, especially with 5 kids. Perhaps solid doors would be okay or maybe even 1/2 glass.

Anyway, here's the link to Masonite in case you want to take a look.


Here is a link that might be useful: Masonite

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Sandy - Thanks for the link. I checked it out and sent them an e-mail, but have not heard a response.

Below are some pictures of the current doors we have. When the existing door is opened, it swings too closely to the island (and the chairs are not even there). The double doors you see lead into the foyer. They came with the house (25 years old) so I know they exist.

We have thought about using these double doors on the basement door frame, since they are mostly open, but at night we keep them closed since noise travels easily in our house.

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jules, I think I misunderstood the type of door you were looking for. I assumed you wanted glass panel doors, as opposed to solid. Sorry! Don't know if that changes the difficulty in finding them in your size or not.

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I normally wouldn't mind glass panel doors (in fact, I think they're MUCH prettier!) but considering the fact that the doors would lead to the basement, it becomes a safety issue. Although, the doors would mostly be open (but maybe that is another safety issue in itself :)). I'm just so confused on what to do here. I really don't think we should take the door completely off, or if by fire codes we can even do that.

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I don't see space for a pair of doors to fold back; the right panel would cover the foyer entry.

How about a 'barn' type sliding door to the basement? (Door hangs from a header and the door slides along the kitchen wall.) Or a pocket door?

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We've got those kind of doors between our kitchen and dining room. Don't know where they came from (original to the house), but I'd imagine you could get them at HD or Lowe's, as they match the rest of the 6-panel doors we've got in the house.

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We used a set of 30" closet bifold doors but had them hung as double doors for our tiny ensuite. They look exactly like the ones in the previous post in fact.

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Weedyacres, your doors are exactly what I have been looking for now for months since I finally caved in and took the big closet door door off of each tiny walk in closet that blocked the other side of the closet when I opened it. I finally have two neat usable closets but I really would like doors on them. The door used to go inward into the closer since the hallway between the two closets was too skinny for them to go outward. But a client who is moving and never home has the French split type of doors on a normal standard size doorway and they come outward and I can see all of the closet when I opened them at his open house.

Radaar, do you know if I can made the doors go outward instead of inward?

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