Anyone Have Time to Play With/Fix Some Pictures?

country_bumpkin_alJuly 14, 2006

I'm posting for a friend over at the KT.

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Can you scan them in? Looks like theyre a picture of a picture.

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I think you're right..a picture of the picture. She doesn't have a scanner. *S*

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That's my Mom's picture and it is a picture of a picture.
I don't have a scanner and the first 2 were taken directly under the fluorescent light and the other 2 abt 10ft from it overhead.
I don't have PSP or anything either. Pretty illiterate on all of that! lol


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Charlee you find a friend or neighbour who has a scanner? Have it scanned in as high a quality as possible and burned to a CD.

Or you could take the original photo to a quick print type store and have them scan it to a CD. Ask the price first of course. Last time I did that it was Canadian$8 for the first and a little les for any others. At those prices I quickly bought a scanner.

Then someone could rework the photo for you with much better results.

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