Hanging a hammock

kimcocoApril 20, 2011

for lack of a better forum, I thought I'd try my luck here.

We want to hang a hammock. No spreader bar, it's only got the loops on each end.

We have one tree. We can either attach one end via a hook that we attach to our garage (will this be strong enough to support?) or should we install a 6x6" post in concrete, though the post can only be 4 1/2 feet in height (ordinance restrictions).

Our garage is wood sided, I was thinking of putting the hook into the "frame" area and drill a hook through to the other side of the frame and bolt it on the opposing side. ?

If we hang it on the garage, if feasible, the height at which we hang the hook is more flexible. If we hang it on a post, the highest we could probably go is 4 feet.

I looked up all other specs as far as hanging a hammock, distance, etc., but nothing about my situation.

How should we proceed? Suggestions?

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The garage (assuming it is not ready to fall down) will work fine. Use a small amount of sealant (type your choice) when inserting the hook bolt - to seal up against bugs...

The Post would also work fine. 4' is plenty high for a hammock. The level from the ground the hammock hangs from - is more determined by the distance between the two hanging points. And not the ultimate attach height of the two hanging points. You would have a difficult time sitting or laying into - a hammock hanging 4' off the ground.

I wouldn't think the post police would come running at a single post 6' high - but I don't live where you do...

Anyway - the Post would work Fine. Garage, Post. Your Choice. The Post might need two other lines attached to it; going out to two stakes in the ground. Somewhat akin to some tent structures. These two lines would provide more structural support stability to the Post. They could also create a tripping hazard - especially if adults or Children started running real fast in some sort of chase family fun...

No matter the sunken depth of the post - they would provide stability. Their requirement need is directly related to the depth of the sunken portion of the post - which is much more related to depth - than concrete footing.

Pressure treated wood (of course) - and a 4.5' Post requires a minimum of 9' sunk depth. (2X your height.)

Again - either would work Fine, you could also use a Steel 2x2 Tube or Pipe instead of Pressure treated wood.

Happy Lazy days and drinking Lemonade...

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Use fasteners that go all the way through the post and have a washer and nut on the far side.

You are loading the threads in their weakest direction, withdrawal.

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LOL. Yes, our municipality WOULD knock on my door about the 6 foot post, and contractors have been very forthcoming with us with any work we've had done. But, it's a great neighborhood.

Our lot is so small, a post, even 4 foot, might look too obvious.

I'll talk to the spouse about hanging it from the garage - hope we have enough distance. The frame and structure itself is pretty sound. I've seen some whopping hook fasteners at a local box store.

We have a 6+ year popple. Not a hard wood tree. Maybe I shouldn't worry about the garage as much as the tree?

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