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kate38July 19, 2010

I have photos on my digital camera that record my granddaughter's first year of life, including a few minutes' video of her birth (I was fortunate enough to be invited into the delivery room). My granddaugher's first birthday is coming up and I'd like to give my daughter and husband these photos and video on a disc. I'm very low tech and don't know how to do this. Can it be done at home? I have burned music cd's at home but nothing else. I don't want to lose anything, particularly the video, since it's the only one there is. I wish I knew what other questions to ask to sound at least a little bit intelligent on this, but sadly, I'm just a step above hopeless. Can anyone walk me through it? Is it costly to have it done somewhere?

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It's very straightforward but it would take too many words to walk you through it. What operating system is on your computer, what software came with your camera?

I plug my camera into my computer's USB port & turn it on. Win7 asks if I want to use it or Photoshop for uploading (because I did not install the camera's own software program on this computer). I choose Win7. New window has a box if I want to delete the photos after uploading - I make sure this is unchecked. It asks for a label which gets attached to each pic (file). Use something simple. It may put the pic-files where it wants them so you may need to do a search to find that location. Win7 does let you choose a location. Then it uploads the pics. Now the pics are still on my camera as well as the computer.

I edit and label each pic.

To burn them to a disk put a blank DVD in and a 'wizard' pops up asking if you want to burn & guides me thru it. This process will vary with the software used. I got fed up with Win7 being so pokey and downloaded/installed the freeware IMGBURN and it takes 1/4 the time.

You can do a trial run with photos already on your computer. A CD disk will work for a few pics.

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I am running windows 7 and I have absolutely no problem loading photos on a CD

The first step is to load the photos on the computer and save them in "My Pictures"

There are numerous ways to load the photos on the computer but I find the simplest way is to pull the memory card out of the camera and insert it in the card reader on the computer.

When the window drops down I just hit "copy to computer" Another box will drop down and ask you to input a file name. Input a file name and it will automatically upload all the photos and put them in that file in "My Pictures"

Once you have the photos in "My Pictures" insert a blank CD in the drive and a box will come down asking what you want to do with the CD. Hit the box to open a "Data Disc"

You then open "my Pictures" and find the file.

If you put your cursor on the file, then right click a box will open and your can select "send to" then select the device address for your CD player and it will load the entire file on the CD.

If you do not want to put the entire file on the CD open the file and individually select the photos you want, and hit the "send To" then the CD address.

I shoot an average of 500 photos a day and after editing I generally put about 150 of those on CD. It takes me about 15 minutes to individually select and load 150 photos.

After you are done loading the photos on the CD hit "Start" then hit "Computer" and locate the icon for your CD drive.

Put your cursor on the CD drive icon and right click. A box will drop down and you select "Close the Session", another box will drop down and ask you how you want to close it. Select "As A Flash Drive". It will close the CD but leave it open so you can add more photos later or use that CD in other computers.

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On W7 look in all programs you will find windows movie maker, which is basicly a slideshow, you can burn to a DVD, I have made many even added music etc. But before doing so, I edit/fix my pics. so they are the best they can be and I do this in photoscape, a free download.

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