Those AGA prices I promised

CEFreemanApril 11, 2013

HI all!

Just wanted to give you the info I promised quite a while back.

That abhorred-yet-loved members only, purchasing club is carrying AGA.

(I don't want to hear of this club's evils. So no name. It's been more than worth it while I rebuild on my own.)

This guy:here is one of the models I could get a price on.
Here's a pic:

The retail is about $7200, but the membership is roughly $5200. So that's not terrible if you have the $$ in the first place!

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No comment on the club since I know nothing but wanted to say hi! Christine. Wondering where you've been...

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Hi Christine. Where have you been?

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Hi. :)
Just working and exhausted.
I found myself impatient with life, so didn't want to pass on my impatience here.

I've gone 5 days without Reese's cups, too. I was up to 6, peanut butter lover's a day. I think I'm going through sugar withdrawl, although I haven't cut out a bit of sweet.

Thanks for thinking of me.

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Did you get the Aga yet? I hear that dastardly company who shall not be mentioned by name are now selling Aga TC3 and TC5 - those are the cast iron ones that look the old original "hot" Agas, but run on electricity, vaguely similar to a conventional modern range. For a VERY sweet price, which makes me mildly suspicious....

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I too was wondering where you have been. I've been suffering withdrawal waiting for your latest great deal. Thanks for posting.

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I have no comment about the prices, but a comment about the Aga. I attended a dinner party where the hosts had an Aga and fed 35 people. I was surprised to hear that they hadn't caterer the affair, since when I arrived I couldn't smell the meat cooking. The hosts said that the stove is sealed so tightly that all of the fumes exhaust up the pipes and there really is no residue of odor of fumes.....

Besides the fact that it was bitterly cold that day and I could stand next to the wonderful Aga and get warm, I must admit that I was nearly sold. My DH says vehemently "NO!" to keeping a range on for 24 hours a day, but I think it's swoonable !!!

Thanks Christine for the info.....if I could I would :)

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Christine, glad this message got bumped. Nice to hear from you. I too enjoy learning about your finds and progress.

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I only clicked on the thread as I saw it was posted by you, Christine. Glad to hear you are still around : )

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Ditto...... I have not been on as much either, with almost finishing the barn, and DH's new job with his office in the middle of my living room, I stay with the horses as much as possible.

Thanks for posting that AGA! Wish I could afford one. I STILL love them!!


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springroz - horses and an Aga interest - I wonder if they go hand-in-hand!

We have horses.....and I'd love an Aga, but you're way ahead of us, if you're almost finishing a barn, as we're still debating what barn to build. Different discussion, just wanted to say hi to a fellow horse-person.

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I am not very familiar with AGA and IDK if those two small drawers are ovens, but even with two ovens it is a great price! A 6-burner cooktop and two ovens will be at least that much for any even half-decent brand, not speaking of top of the line ones.

Christine, just wanted to share some info about cutting sweets. You don't need to go cold turkey. Just replace all sugar with xylitol if you don't like the taste of stevia (many people don't). :-)

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