One of my turbine vents broke...

terrydeniseApril 26, 2009

so I bought an electric attic fan to replace it. I have had the turbines break too often I don't want to climb up on the roof to replace them any more. It has been three times in the last 10 years, maybe more.

Are these two different types of vents going to interfere with each other?

I was thinking that when we lose power out here in rural Oklahoma the turbine would vent the attic so it would pay off. Now I'm not so sure they will work together.

Does anyone have experience with this ?

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If the operation of the two fans is similar (i.e. they both extract air from the attic space, or they both push air into the attic space they may work against each other if the area for make up air is not sufficient. If one is extracting air while the other is pushing air in then I say that they would exchange air on the space more efficiently than if only one were operating.

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