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Zipper_TXJuly 22, 2005

This may have been posted before but I was doing a tut and the plugin that I downloaded from the tut link is a marvel I tell ya lol. It's a remove white plugin and I liked it so much I thought I'd share it with you guys. I will provide the link to the plugin, but you should do the tut on Wompietuts (not sure I could provide the tut link at all here) so that you get the important steps for using the plugin. There are quite a few good tuts on her page the one I'm talking about is close to the bottom.

This would have been so much easier if I could just share the link for the tut, I've rewritten this post 4 times trying to not break any rules lol. Here's her home page ;o)


Here is a link that might be useful: remove white plugin

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I've been playing with it a little and I like what I see!

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:( I tried the link and it came up page not found, when I tried to download. Do you remeber the name of the tut? I checked out her page, it says at the bottom that you can link to her tuts. Is that not ok to do here? Deb

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Hi Deb, I'm a Deb too lol. I just tried both the url addy and the link I posted they both worked. I don't know why you got page not found. Here is what's on the bottom of Wompietuts home page:

"For questions, comments, permission to post or steal, please ask wompie."color>

I usually don't post a link unless I have permission from the author ;0)

Sorry you are having trouble.

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Deb, sorry I guess I didn't read too well.I understand about not posting. Just tried the link again too, and realized that I was trying the link to the homepage, not the download link. duh! Download worked just fine. Thanks. Deb

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I just wanted to find out a little more about this plugin before I download it...Does it take the white background out of any image or phot that you have, and is it easy to use?

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Bev, please forgive me for not getting back sooner, I've had my kids and grandkids here ALL day lol.

I just now loaded a photo and tried it, it takes the white out and also makes the image look like a clear transfer. I used a picture that had a white wall background in it. In my photo you can see where the wall is and the rest of the items, but through all of it you can see the background (you know the gray and white squares?). It really does look like a tee shirt transfer, wonder if it would work for one???

I used it on black and white clip art and it works great for taking out the white and leaving a black outline.

Hope that helps.

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Sorry, forgot to add, it's really easy to use, you just click on the plugin and it removes the white. ;0)

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