do you use Red Box DVD rental?

pammyfayMarch 17, 2009

I don't rent a lot of movies, but a co-worker clued me in to Red Box. Those are the DVD rental machines in grocery stores and such. Usually it's $1 a night. Still a bargain when compared to Blockbuster and such, although the movie selection is nowhere near the same (you can check the Red Box web site to see what they consider 'new releases' now, plus they stock some older movies as well).

But: Every Monday they post a free Monday night rental code on their web site, and they've been doing free Wednesday rental codes this month, too.

Of course, if I really want to rent a movie and don't care that it's not a new release only at Blockbuster, I've learned to check the library first! Best deal in town (not that it's truly "free"--because we do pay property taxes!)

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I switched over to using the library exclusively a few years ago. I can't remember the last time I paid for a movie/dvd rental. I'm lucky enough to live near two separate library systems (one for the city and one for the county), both of which have a very good selection of old and new movies.

What I like is that I can get on line, search for movies, request them, and they transfer the movie to my local branch where I can then pick it up. On new releases, especially popular movies, I might have to wait weeks or even a couple of months for a movie, but I don't mind because I always have a stack of movies waiting to be watched.

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I have used redbox once or twice and was satisfied with the results. However, I am not much of a "movie renter" so my results may not be typical. A friend of mine who rents more than I do says she has had quality problems with nearly a 1/3 of the dvd's rented from redbox. That sounds high to me, but, for a buck she wasn't too upset either. They may have some "complaint" system, but, like I said earlier, it's only a buck I doubt many people would push the issue.


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I have been using REDBOX for over a year and I love it. We rent several movies a month. Our local library doesn't really have many new release selections and I own most of their older section of movies. I do have a few complaints about redbox though, I have rented several movies that were to scratched to work. Sometimes the touchscreens on their machines do not work. They charged me the purchase price for a movie that I returned. I did get my money back though.
Now you can call and they will refund your money but sometimes the wait on the phone is crazy and I have a cell phone only.

The last one is my fault but I have been know to rent a movie and not return them for weeks at a time because we ended up being to busy to watch it. I ended up owning a couple of those :) Not anymore though. I always get them back within 1 to 3 days now.

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No, get my stuff from the library.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I like it too because it's at wal mart and that's my main grocery store. It does empty out of good movies fast, however, but it's still a bargain.
I gave up on the library after 3 dvds were bad. We usually watch a movie Friday and/or Saturday night and to find out our checked out movie is damaged is annoying and they don't have much anyway and the library is far away.
I do like netflix which I use for the more obscure movies and tv shows we like to watch.

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No, I don't rent videos, but my 3 daughters do use Redbox. Right now every Wed. and Mon. are free with a code.

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i go every monday with Dh and we get two free movies

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I don't like that you have to return it by the next morning or else be charged for a second day. That is just not convenient for me.
So, I've never gotten a movie from Red Box.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Each consecutive day is still only a dollar. Cheaper than Blockbuster.

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in our area you have until 7 pm the next day to return it and once I was late and called-they refunded $1

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In my area, too, the return time is by 7 pm.

So I've used Red Box twice now, both on the Mon and Wed free code days. The movies I wanted were both there. The only pain in the neck was that I think these free-code days are just way too popular! I had to go to 4 places before I found a machine that was so full of DVD returns that they weren't accepting more. (At one of the places, the machine wasn't working at all, tho) I guess I wouldn't have been annoyed if it hadn't been raining that day!

I'd use Red Box again, but only (a) if I was paying the $1 a day, there'd better be a movie that I am slightly more than lukewarm about seeing, or (b) if it was a free code day.

But since I'm usually not in a hurry to see recent releases (I still have a lot of older, or last-year, movies to catch up on!), I think my Blockbuster/Hollywood video cards are going to collect some dust.

Beyond that, I will continue to look first at the library's selection; just got three today, and because you can do an online catalog search and reserve DVD titles, its a good thing!

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