Has anyone ever ordered from Puritans Pride catalog?

Momma_Bird_OHMarch 18, 2003

My mom received this catalog. It has lots of vitamins and supplements and naturals beauty products and the prices are very good. Has anyone ordered from this company - and were you happy with their products? TIA!

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nope, but I *have* ordered from the AARP (and I'm not a member)--great prices, very low shipping.

Hope someone can help you w/ the Puritans Pride catalog.

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What kind of stuff can you order from aarp, TS? I'm a member thru DH and I thought it was only for discounts from other places.

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Yes, I have. Great products. They have a once a year sale that's a "buy one get two free"! That's when I stock up on my regular stuff. They are a subsidiary of Nature's Bounty - a public company. They can offer products cheaply because they are the manufacturer. (Not like many companies who just brand generic materials with their names.)
Been ordering from them for about 4 years.

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I have been purchasing from them for several years, their products are excellent in quality and their customer service is good.

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I ordered an ointment from them that's used in hospitals for ostomy patients (I used it to erase diaper rash!), so now I get their ostomy-patient's catalog, which is a specialized catalog.

But they sell vitamins, shower caps, etc. And you can get your prescriptions fulfilled through them (esp. handy for maintenance meds if you don't have insurance)


Here is a link that might be useful: AARP Pharmacy

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Yes, I have ordered from Puritan's Pride as well. Their prices are good and the quality excellent. I would recommend them!

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Thanks, all! I will let my mom know, and may even order some things for myself.

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