jerry_njApril 29, 2010

I am looking to replace a triangular vent (about 64" wide and 28" high, steep roof) that is at least 25' from the nearest eye... and I suppose anything that is white will look like wood.

I found a pre-made unit on the web made out of Fypon. Any opinions on this material? I assume it will not rot, chip or peel... but it should at least resemble wood.

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Good material. Can be pricey, but it's well made and the molded details are pretty good.

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Thanks, I already decided without ever seeing it. I have seen plastic woods, Lowes and HD carry some trim that is plastic (whatever) and it has a wood grain appearance. The application I have is at the peak of a two story house, triangular louvers. Five feet wide with a 8/12 rise. I'd like this to not need future painting as it is getting beyond my age to get to the top of my 32' ladder. As for price, about $150 with tax and delivery to my home. I suppose one could make one from about $50 worth of wood, but assembling on the ground it would be very heavy to lift up there. I also understand the Fypon is relatively light weight.

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