Cast Aluminum (?) peeling

spedprofApril 4, 2010


One of two patio chairs (bistro unit) that I believe is cast Aluminum, though I'm not sure, is peeling. As it peels away, a powdery substance is just below the peeling surface. The other chair is fine.

Does this sound possible and if so, is it worth repairing (myself) and how do you suggest it be done?

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure how cast aluminum could "peel". Is there a paint coating (maybe silver) on top of the aluminum that is peeling?

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Thanks sdello,

I suppose that is what is happening... the outer layer of something, possibly aluminum colored paint, has peeled off in places, sometimes as big as an inch or two long. Seemingly right under that is a white powdered covered base and when brushed, some of that white powder comes off. Relatively inexpensive set, although the other chair and bistro table do not show this wear.
Thanks again...


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It's called exfoliation corrosion. The powder is the aluminum version of rust. Repair is done by removing the deteriorated material and corrosion products before applying new protective coating.

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