How far apart to hang these?

2ajsmamaJuly 24, 2009

I found some "primitive" type canvasses (but fancy applied trim to "frame" them?) that might work over my too-low sliding glass door. I'm going to center the one with writing, but how far apart do I place the ones on the sides?

Even with the corners of the inside-mount roman shades (this spacing on the floor)?

Sorry, something going on with my copy and paste - can't get the link here.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Those are charming!
I would put the one you have on the right in the has the most active image...and the two simpler ones left and right.
I would space them so that the outside edges of the left and right frames sit an inch or two inside the corners of your Roman shades. That spacing will give them enough breathing room, contain the group visually, present them as a triptych rather than as three independent things, and keep it from looking too static, which I think could happen if you line them up exactly with the shades.

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Hmm, but then they'd be practically touching. Is that OK? Let's see if I can get the pics to show up in the post now.

And the door (sorry so dark but it was the only one that showed wall above and all the trim to sides)

Here is pic of wall b/t door and window showing how much higher (about 4") the window is. I'm trying to "raise" the door, and I also don't know if the picture to that side should be lined up with door casing, go past it, or as you suggested, be within it.

I thought these were cute, though I would have preferred no frames. They remind me of the mural painted on the DR wall in my aunt's (app. 200 yr?) old house.

I agree with you about the right hand one being busier, but since the one has a caption, wouldn't that be better in the middle? Or do you think no one would really notice? Once I get the spacing right we can play around with arrangement, since they are all the same size.

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Even with the caption, I like the busier image in the middle. The images themselves are the dominant thing, so I'm sticking to my idea!

Very close together is fine...two inches inside the shade may be too much, but as long as they are perceptibly inside the line of the side of the shade, you get the effect I was describing. Then I think you will have plenty of room between them. Still sticking to my idea, apparently... ;>)

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Thanks - I got a chance to get up on a step stool and just put some thumbtacks in, they had those toothed hangers (one bent so may be sticking out a bit far). WHat do you think?

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How about taking a picture from further away, too, to get the big picture.

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That was from the couch, 13 ft away (or almost). I'll try taking pics tomorrow from the pantry door (on an angle).

Bronwynsmom, as usual you were right, the script on the right hand pciture looks like the "hen scratching" on the left hand pic from a distance, I don't think anyone will really notice it's writing until they get closer. But you notice the images as soon as you walk into the room.

Gotta go - family dinner at my parents'. Was just waiting for DH's pants to come out of the dryer.

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Here there are - snapped the pics b4 we left, just uploaded them.

Forgive the week's worth of newspapers on the coffee table (gee and someone just said they liked my "uncluttered look" - but that's just the windows LOL)

I was also thinking of putting a large round clock on the wall to the left of the slider (above the toy box). Think that will work? We really need a clock in this room since these old eyes can't read the one of the MW while sitting on the couch, and the range display isn't visible from FR b/c of the short wall at the end of the cabinets.

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Those pictures are adorable. I want them for my house!

I'm glad you put the "busy" one in the middle.

I have to say, though, and I really can't pinpoint why, but I'm not wild about them above that door. It could be because the other walls are bare so yes, maybe a nice wall clock would help. But it might also be because I think they might be too large for that space? I don't know ...

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I don't think that cramming artwork up there "raises" the door - in fact I think it makes it feel lower because it's compressing the door by crowding the space above it.

I think they are lovely pieces, I'd just find somewhere else for them :)

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OK, back to square one. I have *one* scarf valance that matches the shades. Do I hang it over the door or over the bay? Do I need matching top treatments on *all* the windows?


If it helps, imagine an old oak Victrola in the empty corner, maybe a print above it (but print is nearly as wide as the wall - will be when framed, 19" print and 24" wide wall)? Or maybe the print b/t the window and the door and forget the clock?

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In the light frames, the pix only serve to accentuate the fact that the door is lower. However, if you were to reframe them in wood frames the same color as the trim on the door, I think it would visually bring the eye all the way up = it would almost feel as if the door had a transom above it.

I would hang the pix with the red house in the middle, tho. Put the single white house on the right side, and the multiple light houses on the left.

I am also wondering if you could flip the couch and loveseat? It almost feels like the loveseat is too small for that end wall. Now, if you were to add some end tables and lamps, that would visually fill in the space a bit, to balance the space of the window wall.

A large clock on the wall above the toybox would work well.

One question - have you considered adding an accent color in the room? I could see a pretty navy working well, or a warm country red. Right now everything seems to be almost the same color, so nothing really stands out to be appreciated.

Down the road, you might consider a larger area rug, with some deeper color. The one you have is nice, but really too small for the spacing of your furniture, and the light color doesn't really add anything to the warmth of your very nice space.

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Can I get some PS help please? I'm ready to take these down and give up. I never hung curtains or artwork in our old house until we were putting it on the market.

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Wasn't there a consensus on another thread that your windows were done ?
I love the uniformity of your shades ; I would put away your one scarf and forget about using it.

I agree with above that your 3 prints over the sliders are now working; how about using them stacked vertically on one of the empty walls? it would be a start and you'll add the clock eventually and possibly other prints.

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But I hate having the slider lower than the window next to it - I feel like I need to do *something* (artwork? Shelf? Curtain road with scarf) over it. Please help me figure something out.

I *do* like the bay with just the shades and hope to get the last 2 casings up there soon.

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I haven't followed your threads but did see something about bookcases flanking the window somewhere. Is that area deep enough for a window seat, too?

It also looks like some of the trim is missing from the two side windows in that area.

I think once you get some of those things done, the inconsistencies or other things that are bothering you won't scream out at you any longer.

I'm inclined to do something different on the door, rather than the same window treatment. Looks like you want them either for privacy or for glare. I can picture drapes, with a rod raised to window height. That might feel better to you with regards to the differing heights. The horizontal line of the shades around the room accentuates that difference. Drapes or panels will also bring some needed softness into the space.

Did you say that 'long' doesn't work for you because of young children? Then, maybe just wait on the door and leave it unadorned, if no functionality is needed with coverings. There are also verticals, which are quite popular these days.

I will pull your pics in and try some things some time today.

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"But I hate having the slider lower than the window next to it - I feel like I need to do *something* (artwork? Shelf? Curtain road with scarf) over it." But if you put the pictures above the door, then it becomes the only glass that has pictures above it, and it is still different. The pictures are very nice -- at least try stacking them on one of the blank walls and show us the result. They should be seen at a proper height, not just used to visually heighten the door. At the same time, do a mock-up with the clock so you can see how the blanks will be filled in. And if you have the energy, try out Les's suggestion on rearranging the furniture. I think it might be just the thing.

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I do love being right.
But I think I was wrong.

Now that I see the whole business, I think you should paint the frames to match your drapery, and hang them stacked on the wall to the left of the slider. In that case, I think I'd put the busy one at the bottom and the red in the middle.

I'd line the top of the top picture up with the top of the Roman shade on the slider, and I think the third height will solve your problem with the different heights of the openings.

I agree that you could switch the loveseat and sofa to good effect. Add a sofa table behind the sofa in the window, only as long as the loveseat, to fill and furnish the space, with a pair of lamps and some books and a low plant, or whatever pleases you, on it. Then a pair of small side tables to complete the wall.

Alternatively, put a pair of wall-mounted swing arm lamps on the walls on either side of the bay window to light the corners, furnish the space, give you reading light, and free the surfaces. Here's a type you might consider...

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall lamp

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ajsmama, I was thinking I mentioned this on your other thread, but maybe not. I could have been someone else. Anyway, what about building a cornice for the door and covering it with the fagric from the scarf?

I also did one with a wooden cornice...

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BVmom, I'm sorry to see you take a break, can you please explain "paint the frames to match your drapery" before you do?

I don't mind hanging drapes over the shades, but I really have to keep the shades in the slider b/c I just had them made last year, DH will kill me if I take them out (he was all concerned about holes in the woodwork, and I know he wouldn't be happy about wasting the $ to have them made). Draperies would have to go on a traverse rod or be hung to the side so we could use the door. Originally, we were going to put a woodstove b/t the door and window so I couldn't have anything hanging outside the door frame but now if we ever put one in it will go in the basement. JCP is still doing custom drapes/shades in this fabric but has discontinued the ready-made ones.

I don't really want to switch the LS and sofa b/c the sofa is a sleeper and very heavy, we put the LS in front of the slider during the winter and put a tree in the bay. We could put the LS back farther into the bay and perhaps find some end tables (but they won't match what I have now, and I'm also afraid it would be very crowded with tables and bookcases everywhere).

Unless/until I find another bookcase (or build one) to put in the empty corner, we will be using that space for the Victrola that looks out of place in the LR. Bookcases are a must in this room.

Someone mentioned a transom - should I try some casing (I have lots left from doors that were cut too short) to mock up a transom, if it looks OK maybe hang a mirror (with same casing) to look like a window? The space b/t the door casing and the ceiling is 15". The space b/t the window casings (the last 2 are down in basement stained and ready to poly tonight or tomorrow) and the ceiling is 11". So to make them the same height I only need 4", but of course anything *that* slim is going to look strange, so maybe a curtain rod hung 4-5" above the door with a scarf over it to hide the top trim would be best to "fool" people into thinking it's the same height as the windows?

The door was originally framed same height as windows, and I should have ordered a taller door, but didn't know how high the windows were going to be. Apparently the builders didn't either, and when they were about to install the door found the discrepancy and filled in the gap above with 2x6's skimmed with joint compound instead of cutting out and replacing drywall. So at least I have plenty of solid material to mount a rod on LOL.

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Oh, we were posting at same time Becky. I had mentioned (when we found the 2x6's) that we could do a wooden cornice or wide trim board (something like your windows) to my cousin, but he didn't think that would look right. I have to think about the fabric covered one - I think I want to do that in DR.

You did mention it as possibility over the bay, but I don't have enough fabric to do all the windows. I have to think about something that tailored here. I think I might prefer the softness of a swag. Do you think you could PS a swag in this fabric?

What do the rest of you think of the cornice idea?

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Thanks! I thought I mentioned a cornice to someone. I only got an hour and a half of sleep last night. Son's ball joint broke on his car on the interstate on his way home. Luckily he heard and felt something weird so he stayed in the outside lane and was able to get off the highway when it broke. I drove into the city so he could use our AAA to tow it home. Here's what it looked like...

If you have a picture of a swag that you'd like, I can try. If it's in the same fabric and with a straight on angle that would make it much easier too. But I can probably do something up that will help you visualize.

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OMG, I'm glad Alex is OK! Had he been noticing anything strange about the way it was handling lately?

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Justgotabme, I'm glad your son is okay. How scary!

I really like the three pictures but I don't really like them above the door. If anything it is just going to draw everyone's eye to that area. I think they would look really good stacked between the door and window.

As for the door being lower, I doubt anyone is going to notice or even think about it. If it really bothers you I think Justgotabme has some excellent suggestions.

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I am happy your son is fine. That is pretty scary. Even more so when it is our children, than for us.

I don't like the white frames and I don't particularly like pictures spread apart when they are over a door which has a low ceiling. Paint the frames or reframe after adding mats to make them larger, or paint the frames dark color, leave less white space between them. Spreading them out tends to make the ceiling lower and the door wider looking. I also think the picture with the red house should be in the middle to create more interest and keep it organized but creative.

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Thank you ajsmama, happylady and patricia43. I appreciate you kind thoughts.
He thought he may have heard something earlier this week, so was more aware of it's sounds and movements. The "felt something" I mentioned above was a slight pull when steering. Lucky had he been in any one of the other three lanes it may have caused an accident. He said traffic was very heavy traffic at the time it happened.

OK, back to the door height dilemma. You must have missed my note under the pictures. Do you have a photo of a draped scarf I could use to make you a virtual? I'd be more than happy to do so. I've got to get some cleaning done since I didn't get much done yesterday. And the Friday after Owen is here it's always a mess. He has his own idea where things belong. Like the dishwasher door has to be closed, so I can't do dishes. Little things like that. It's just more fun to play with him than do housework anyway.
I'll look at JCP and google and see what I can find too.

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Honestly I think you are making way too much of this.

My house is 120 years old and nowhere do the door heads align with the window heads. This is a totally normal condition that appears everywhere. Yes, it would have been nice if they align but the fact that they don't is not the big deal you are making it out to be. What you have looks good the way it is - a top treatment over JUST the door (when typically top treatments are on windows and not doors) will only accentuate the fact that something is off by making it look even MORE off.

Honestly once the room is all put together, no one is going to notice. Sometimes you can try to hard and just end up emphasizing that which you wish to hide.... Kind of like when I wear clothes that are too big for me - they don't fool anyone into thinking I am really a size 6 and actually make me look bigger than something properly tailored for my size.

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Well, I guess I'm just OCD. My kitchen doorways (4 in a row) didn't line up, I told the builder and he said it was b/c I'm short and was looking up at an angle. When I took the trim off the 2 cased openings to stain them, I noticed that not only did the trim not cover the edge of the sheetrock (and the painter had dripped paint back behind them, didn't even caulk), the pantry door was definitely lower than the basement door next to it. So we are replacing the trim around those 2 openings and the pantry door with trim that's 1/4" wider so that they will be the same height as basement door, but still have the same reveal.

I think I may just replace the trim around the slider too, esp. seeing how skimpy it looks (I bought much wider trim for the front door/sidelights too - a wide door looks strange with 2.25" trim). Means pulling the baseboards off and replacing them, when I *just* got the base to the left of the door on, but I think it'll look better, more in proportion to the door width as well as helping with the height problem.

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Oh ajsmama, don't make so much work for yourself. I'm OC too so I know just how things like this can drive you crazy. I'm working very hard to get over the little "things" that drive me nuts. Like having the have the number on the TV volume to be divisable by five or my car stereos divisable by two. I think those are my two worse ones left. I have gotten better when I play Cubis 2. Now I can take a break at levels divisable by five instead of ten.
Like I said, I completely understand your frustration. Just call us Monk! LOL

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Oh and do you have a picture of the way you want the scarf to look?

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I see you've got a switch gang to the right of the doors there, so the panels really wouldn't work.

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Wider trim won't either - I measured what I bought for the front door that seems so wide, it's only 1.25" wider than what's on the slider now so it's not worth replacing trim and baseboards (though we've already got the new door casings for the kitchen glued up and stained, just waiting for poly and for loose tile to be fixed, then we'll nail them up).

I tried putting the scarf on a rod on the floor for a pic, thought DH and DS could hold it up (don't want to hang rod and make big holes if it's not going to work), but an 18 ft long scarf is too unwieldy.

Here's a pic from JCP website, I'd like to use the striped one I have but this one would be fine.

But in this fabric if not the linen stripe to match the shades?

Sorry no better pics - I can understand if it's too hard to PS.

The only thing I didn't like about the fabric cornice was that it came over the side of the trim but the shades are inside. That's why I was thinking some fabric coming down the sides a ways might look better than just at the top.

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ajsmama, I started this way earlier today before I went into the city to pick up Alex and get some shopping done. I did a little more work now and I'm just not liking the look. If you'd like more I'll do more, but for me it's just not doin' it. But then it's not my house.

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I think the draped scarf is way too traditional/formal a look for your family space.

Look at the doors - see how wide the bottom piece is on there? I think you could easily add some kind of wood header above the trim, (or replace the top trim) and it would create a visual balance with that wide panel on the bottom of the door, as well as raising the height of the door on the wall.

You could also use a stained board up there and paint something on it like "Welcome" or "Bless Our Home" or even your family name.

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Thanks Becky. I'm at wit's end.

Les, I *do* have a green (my accent color in case you can't tell) painted sign, but not sure if I hang something that small up there if it'll look strange. The sign is dark green with black edges and black letters "Family & Friends Forever" but it's only about as big as one of the pictures I have there now. Here's a pic (I hung it in center) - think it'll be lost all alone? The color also seems too dark with the others, not sure about it alone but it really does stand out

And here it is alone - too small? Would something this height look better if it were longer - maybe the spacing of the previous pictures (total about 76")?

Sorry to overload this post, but here are pics of the rod I was going to use (only have 1 though - this is spare from LR)

The fabric closeup

and the clock I was going to hang over the toy box

Here's a pic of the satin cornice I had been thinking of for bay in other thread, we'd have to put them over all the glass though (customer pic, I'd do the ivory or linen color)

I also have a wooden frame that's matted for 5 photos, about 4ft x 15" (so would practically hit the ceiling).

Thanks for helping me figure this out!

Here is a link that might be useful: JCP cornice

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AJ, I agree with the others that the three pictures over the door is not really working and only accentuates the area you are trying to hide. imho, I think you need to get the room painted, focus on accessories and artwork for the other spaces in the room and once that is done then work on the door. I actually think once you have more things in the room, the door won't be a problem anymore. I think it is easier to ocd on the door because the room is not "set" yet if you know what I mean. Your room has great bones and the furniture is wonderful but you've got too much "empty" right now to see the true beauty and potential that is there.

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The room is painted, I'm trying to accessorize now but need help. The bay is such a small area, I am willing to repaint in an accent color if anyone has any suggestions. But the rest of the room is staying Navajo White. I am trying to keep the artwork/ accessories more on the rustic or country side (though not falling-apart or painted "shabby") since this is the FR in a farmhouse.

I can drop the door height for now, if you have any ideas on what to do with the other walls. I have a very long (app 21-23 ft?) wall opposite the door, have an old icebox near the sofa that might be replaced with an oak Hoosier instead. I was going to hang the 4ft x 15" wooden frame I mentioned over the sofa with family pictures in it. I'll have to take pics of that wall (that continues into the kitchen) after we get the Hoosier. But imagine a long white wall from the bookcase in the corner to opposite the breakfast table, with (at this point) the sofa and a small end table on it, then a space, and a taller oak piece of furniture (ice box and then Hoosier).

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wow, GottaBe, glad your son is ok. That could have been disasterous. I hope he just gets a new car after that.

ajsmamma, would you consider something like this? Put more focus on the bay area with some panels. It connects all the windows better into one larger whole and gives the room some needed softness. The grouping also has a more definitive reign in height over the door, so it doesn't look just a smidgen off.

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Thanks "Super Squirrel"! I like the panels, makes the bay more of a focal point, maybe I can cut the scarf into strips and hang them, but since there is *very* little (1"?) wall space to each side of the center window rods and mounting are a challenge, since it has to be decorative rod (or 4 short rods placed to sides of side windows? But no room for finials).

The 3 paintings were a GW find so can't do 2 groupings, plus I have to keep the bookcase (or *a* bookcase or 2). I will get DH to move the Victrola in so I can take pics - DN is leaving today so I won't worry about 3-yr old bumping into it.

But what *really* still bugs me (and Dsis agrees) is the difference in height b/t the slider and the double window on the same wall.

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AJ, they make rods specific for bay windows at country curtains.

I wouldn't use the scarf for panels, though. i think you need something different for panels to achieve the layered look.

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Nice job Squirrel, now that's what I'm talking about. You don't have to do a grouping of three on each side, you may be able to get away with a 3 and 2 on each side. I think like what Squirrel did, you just have to play around with it. AJ, my window in my GR didn't have enough room on one side for finials, so I just did without. If you get the right rod and panels, the finials won't really matter. You could also get one with just one finial if needed. It would have to be the right finial of course.

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Here's lookin' at another bookcase on the left, along with the left side looks like with the current light frames.

The pic groupings above are just showing the general idea, with dark frames on your current set. You might even hang something other than pics to the side.

(The last, white frames pic is showing 'unavailable' for some reason, but it's there. We'll see!)

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I've been looking for a matching bookcase - Ikea doesn't make it in this stain any more. I really think matching bookcases would look better than a Victrola and a bookcase but I'll have to keep looking. Those walls are only 24" wide so it's really hard to find bookcases (esp tall ones) to fit.

So you think the bay would look better with solid color panels instead of striped? I really like how they fill the space (esp with matching bookcases). What kind of rod (wood?) were you thinking? I haven't seen decorative bay rods at CC. Link to the most "decorative" one I could find is below, it doesn't have finials, returns to wall.

I'd really like to do a rod with finials on the 2 outside corners of the bay, or maybe something like this with medallions could be angled?

Or short rods like in the link?

I will have to try to take a pic showing the corner of the double window, the slider, and at least part of the bay. Do you think having a bookcase or something in the corner that's shorter than the windows/door will distract from the door height issue? Maybe something (clock?) above the toybox, or move the single bookcase there and stick toy box behind the loveseat?

Here is a link that might be useful: JCP example with short rods to sides

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If you are just not going to rest at all until that door looks exactly the same height as the windows, this is what I would do... assuming you have extra fabric.

I would re-case the door to the proper height with the matching casing and then fill the space between the actual top of the door and the real top of the door (where your roman shades are already mounted) with two panels (with very light batting) with your fabric that pattern matches the roman shades (with the stripes in the center exactly the way it is now). It will look like a header on the roman shades, it will look like the door is actually taller and the roman shades are taller. Nothing you do to "visually raise the door" (whatever that means) will do anything to change the actual alignment of the casing. If you NEED it to align and just won't rest, then re-case it so that it does align and fill the space with fabric. 4" is way way way too small for a transom and a mirror would again look like a fix that isn't working and just draw attention to the spot.

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I do not like the panels in the bay window. You are working your tail off on casing, you have a nice, clean look both with your paint and stain choices as well as your furniture style. Putting panels in is gilding the lily IMO. I think you need to get EVERYTHING else in the room from furniture to artwork to accessories and put the windows aside for a while. You are hyperfocusing and not seeing the forest for the trees IMO.

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As far as the rods, I was thinking something not too light in color or weight. I do like the panels, but not with bookcases flanking windows.

I would also move the bookcase you have now to another spot, if possible. If not possible, I'd do something else on the left side. It looks too congested having both the panels and the bookcases. And it looks too choppy and disconnected with just the bookcases and no panels. They really aren't working with your windows.

I do like the softness, focus, and coherence that the panels bring to the room, though if you're going for or prefer a spare look, then that's another story. The casework you have planned for that area should have the same unifying effect.

Not sure what else you're working on in the room, but simply waiting on the window issue until the rest is done is a good idea. Once you get artwork and accessories on the wall, your trimwork finished, etc., you may be happy with the way everything looks together and not notice whether the tops of all the openings are lined up or not. When things are very aligned or linear, they have a more modern or contemporary feel.

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I love the idea of the panels in the bay. I'd also add them to the window to the left of the slider. I think that will draw the attention away from the slider being a bit lower. Doors don't normally have panels so it won't look out of place.
Below is hardware sold at JCPenney that will solve the problem for hardware for your bay. I think you'll have to use back tab panels because it them though. Personally I love the look of back tabs.
Oh and you can also add finials at each end with this system.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rod

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I think the panels in the bay might be a good idea if you wanted that to be a focal point - say you had two chairs and a table there. But what you have is the loveseat, not even the larger seating piece, with its back to the bay - which really doesn;t suggest that it is a focal point at all.

Honestly, if you are wanting to keep the space homey and more rustic or country, I am not sure I see your window treatment choices keeping in that vein. The swags or the pleated cornices feel way too formal for the room.

The clock, while very nice, also feels more formal to me. The green sign is charming (and no, sorry, I didn't pick up on green being the accent. Sometimes it is hard in pix to see all the details) but too small up there alone.

Have you considered doing a pair of open back bookcases on either side of the slider, to accommodate the switches there, and then adding a shelf across the top of the slider to link the two bookcases? I think it would fit better and feel less crowded than it might on either side of the bay, which has a lot of visual weight already.

Maybe someone could mock that up for you.

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I'm sorry, I'm all over the place here. I had thought about hanging the Romans in the slider higher, but they're inside mount and short as it is. I never thought of running the casing higher *and* adding fabric above the romans to make them look taller. I'll have to see if we have some casing that's long enough to go the 4" higher and redo it. But DH kind of likes the sign in the middle of the 2 pictures so we may just keep that. So, leaving windows aside, let's try to see what we can do with furniture. Later I'll need help with artwork b/c as I said I never hung any in old house and we were there 14 years.

Now, I really want the bay to be a focal point, original plan was to build in bookcases on either side and have a small table with 2 caned Victorian chairs in the bay. But reality (living with extended family nearby) hit and we realized we needed more seating so we bought sofa and loveseat (and then ottoman) instead of just a sofa. We put the tree in the bay at Xmas time. I'm thinking eventually I'd like a (shallow) windowseat there flanked by bookcases but that custom work won't happen until we replace the carpet oh, 10 yrs from now.

So, DH and I moved the LS *into* the bay with the ottoman in front of it (also moved the Victrola in from the LR where it clashed with dark wood tables). What do you think? With the back almost against the windows, does it make it a focal point almost like a window seat might?

Of course, I should have just saved the expense of putting in the single sill now since you can't even see it. Ah well, it will still be there when we get to do the window seat. We tried putting the LS at the kitchen end but it just closed off the room and was hard to get by the table & chairs (another unplanned but necessary purchase since we had at that time been living 3 months with no island countertop, eating off a folding table and folding chairs - it took 6 more months to get countertop and I still have to finish the last barstool).

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