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underthemoonJuly 29, 2007

Hi there - I am new to this board, but it looks like I may have found a great place to get help with my question! A friend and I are wanting to try creating graphics to put on a web site and CD's. She is very talented at designing and drawing. I, however, have NO imagination and can't draw a stick man, but can paint ( typically on canvas, suitcases, teapots, anything that will hold still). My question is once she draws her images on paper, I assume I just "color" it with watercolor or acrylic, then scan it?

This is all very new to us. I am having a challenge getting the same look of my painting on paper as I do on objects. What paper is best to use? Does anyone have any advise or suggestions on how we get started? Thanks for any help!

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Sorry noone has gotten back to you. It has been very slow on here this summer. Hopefully someone will come along and help you out.

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Not 100% sure I understand your question, but if I were you I would use what ever paper works best to paint on beings you intend to scan the finished product.Have you tried card stock? There are many types of textured paper out there you could try.

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