Sure is quiet around here!

reduc500July 10, 2006

I guess everyone is busy doing outside things lately.

I know I've been too busy to do any PSP'ing.

Today I've got 5 kids here so I will be lucky if I am still sane by the end of the day.

Hope everyone is doing ok.


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Hi Judy,
I peep in when I make my rounds on here before I have to go out and do my chores in the nice weather.
Tune in again when weather is cold. :)


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Hi Judy, Urlee. I usually disappear in the spring and pop back in in the fall. Too many things going on during spring and summer and I don't get to PSPing. I pop in once in a while to see what everyone is up too. I miss it and you all, but before you know it the season will be over and I'll back to it. See you soon.

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Same here Teri,
I ended up getting stung by a wasp while I was repairing the bottom rail on my fence.
Something SHARP on my wrist and when I turned it around to look---- there was a wasp and I batted it off in a hurry. It hurt until I poured Peroxide and bactine on it (grabbed anything) then I put a poultice on it and cut the top part of a sock off to pull over the bandage so I could finish my job with a can of spray near by.
Had to replace 3 rails. Come time to paint, that wasp came out and went back in saying, "Oh it's just that ole bag I bit yesterday!"
They must have a nest under my vestibule which I am in no hurry to investigate and get rid of cause every fall I have to crawl under there to lower a jack to compansate for the raising when the frost heaves it up.

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Hello All
I haven't been on for quite some time either. Just been busy doing other things. Hope I get back in the swing soon. I do try to look in now and then to see what's going on and what graphics are being done.

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I think we are all in the same boat. My sister is here from Texas so I am trying to spend as much time with her as I can. She hasn't been home in about 4 years and last year she almost died. So our time together is pretty special even if she is crazier than me!! haah

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Hi everybody. Just stopped in to say hey. Angus takes up pretty much of my time, along with other summer chores. Keeping him from eating rabbit pooh has become a full time job. We have so many rabbits and other critters running around it makes it almost impossible. I don't encourage my other dogs to eat it but sometimes they get to it. For Sophie it isn't a problem because she is on Heartworm med year round, but I have to wait till six months old to put Angus on it, so in the mean time he has picked up tape worm from his little snacks. The dogs think the yard is just a giant salad bar filled with all kind of little treats.
So how's that for my little composition of "What did you do this summer"

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