Question for Grainlady re:distiller

lexi7March 2, 2009

Hi Grainlady, I went to Amazon, but they sell many water distillers. Would you mind sharing with us the brand that you use? I did not know they made those. That information was worth the time on the net. Do you buy the accessories also?

Thanks Lexi

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

not meaning to to highjack this, but would grainlady please email me.

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Lexi - The brand of the distiller is a Megahome. It's a simple style that flows from the distiller, through a carbon filter, into the 1-gallon bottle. It is very simple to use and clean.


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Thank you Grainlady. I am going to buy one.

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Me too. Just ordered from It's really scarey about the drug residue that's still in our public water. Not to mention that bottled water is NOT the pure stuff we're led to believe. This kind of thing ought to be against the law. Thanks Grainlady, from me, too.

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Grainlady, I am wondering why the water needs to be run through a carbon filter after it has been distilled. Once distilled, isn't it pure? Do you have any ideas about it?
Thanks, Lexi

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lexi7 - I use the charcoal filters when the distiller is new. It's supposed to take care of the "new" smell/taste from the machine. Some people think it helps the taste in general. Once I've used the charcoal that comes with the distiller, I don't use them again. Using them or not using them is your choice.

Saying that, I got a free replacement distiller from Sears when the previous Sears distiller quit before one-year. The new one didn't even have the part to hold the charcoal in place, and they couldn't get the part for it. So I never used charcoal with that one. I also never purchased another one from Sears....


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