Lots of hotel soaps

nita1950March 31, 2004

My husband travels a lot and brings me all of the samples from the rooms..he feels that he has paid for them. I use the shampoo for handwashing soap and to clean the tub and basins with. I even use it in the commmode to clean.

I use the lotions, mostly for my hands and give them to my friends... they are good sizes for purses.

What are some suggestions for the soap bars. I use special soaps for myself and young son. My daughter uses liquid soaps. Husband uses one of those net things that hold soap inside...it lasts a long time.

What are some suggestions for the (I must admit) hundreds of bars of soaps that I have accumulated? I have many bars that come from the more exclusive hotels and some of the flat, thin bars that come from some of the other hotels. Some bars are oatmeal based, or are facial, others for the bath and some state that they have special moisturizers. Some come in very pretty wrapping papers with the cute little ribbons tied around them.

Suggestions appreciated..mind you, he will not leave them in the room...feels that we can use them somehow. He does not know how many I have actually accumulated!

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My DH does the same thing....I use up all the little bars in the main bathroom...in the handwash basin...they get used up fairly fast and when they are are slivers I shave them down for scrubbing flakes...may not help you but I haven't put out one of my purchased bar soaps in over a year now just trying to use up the "free" soap. so I say if nothing else shave them down for soap flakes and throw a bit at a time in your washer to use them up if nothing else.

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You can use the plain soap ones to make laundry detergent - there's a recipe here somewhere. I've tried it and found it worked very well (and wasn't too much of a pain to make).

Karen C

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Soap Flakes for washing clothes....will they dissolve in cold water or are they shaved extra fine? With a grater?


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fill a basket with wrapped bars and donate to a shelter?


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I've heard the homeless shelters will take them.

I keep a few in my vehicle and in my travel bag. They are a great size for camping trips and even those group picnics where everyone shows up and you have no soap and no hand towels.

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I also agree with donating them to various shelters.

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I take hotel soaps, shampoos, airline toothbrushes, etc on my travels to third world countries and give them away. There is often a village home we visit and everyone tips the home owner. I give the woman of the house a bag with the soap, comb, small mirror, etc for allowing us in her home.

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Please, call your local hospital and see if they will forward those items to women's shelters (they can't give out the addresses because of security issues). The shelters need personal items!!! Most of the women leave violent homes with nothing. My women's club donates new toothbrushes, feminine products, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.

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