Did anyone miss out on my Christmas gift?

joyfulguyMarch 1, 2003

If so, there's good news ...

It's still available.

Really great for me, too.

Same gift, just the one, serves everyone here ... who chooses to use it!

Another of the wonders of the internet.

Just go to Page 6 and look for an item from me dated Dec. 24.

(If you use it - you owe me one: any money-stretching idea will do).


But - don't wait too long. Soon ... when it gets down to the end of page 9 - it'll drop over the edge of the abyss!

I gave my son a gift today.

He called me this morning in a hurry, as he didn't catch a necessary bus (infrequent service on weekends) (1) to get to a store running a major sale where he was to offer entertainment blowing up long (and tough, so hard to blow up) balloons and twisting them into animal shapes, so I took him out to the edge of town.

He said that he planned to catch a ride back part way into town with one of the customers at the end of his shift.

I'd thought that I might go out to pick him up - then a friend called to tell of some great $1.00 bargains at a local "No Frills" (mainly grocery) store. So I picked him up: he was glad to see my face, as customers were sort of thin on the ground. Then we did some shopping, each getting some values. Bonus: the store was along the homeward bound route.

I hope that everyone is enjoying a really great weekend.

Good wishes for continuing enjoyment of the occasional gifts - and the loving thoughts that accompany them - that you receive. Some of which are not things, but some happy times spent together, etc. - especially treasured by seniors or lonely people, or people with a tendency to depression, etc.

ole joyful

1. Let's face it, as I'm a fairly straightforward person. He slept in. And when he called me, I was still in bed. Too late hours on the computer last night, maybe??

One of the privileges of being retired, I guess. EB

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Hi Ed, that's a great idea although I;m not forking over anything but love to you. LOL. Over at the organized home forum we are working on household notebooks and that would make a great section under "gifts and holidays".

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Can't you think of just one dollar-stretching idea that hasn't been heard here before?

Of course, if you sent it to me privately, I'd pop it on here (might share the credit, depending on my mood at the time).

Everyone: I hope that your week is a memorable one for finding some new and interesting experience.

ole joyful

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Hmmmm, lemme think... OK, I'm going on a field trip with my son's high school art class tomorrow. We will be visiting The High Museum here in Atlanta. I've been wanting to see this latest exhibit of the impressionists. I will be admitted FREE and will travel with the kids on the bus so no gas or parking cost.Not sure this would apply to everyone but if you have kids (or maybe volunteer) it's a great way to see things at little or no cost.Of course I will be chapperoning but how much trouble are 6 H.S. seniors? Wait, don't answer that!

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Good ideas to think about during the Lenten season, Ed. Make a symbolic sacrifice and reach out to those around you. I'm giving up the internet for my sacrifice so it should free up some valuable time for the reaching out! Take care and stay well til I return after Easter!
artmom- I think your idea is a great tip...did it once taking elementary students to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. What a wonderful day it was...no cost, no transportation or parking woes, box lunch, educational behind-the-scenes presentations, and I had fun doing learning activities with my small group. The best!!!


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Greetings ArtsyCraftsy,

Hope this is still around when you return after Easter.

I've never been much enthused about doing without something that didn't seem to have much intrinsic value on its own merit, just to impose a more or less artificial sacrifice during some short period, e.g. Lent. Self-sacrifice for its own sake, or as an artificial discipline, so to speak.

It seems to me to make more sense to implement, after some previous thoughtful consideration, perhaps, some new idea, concept, chore, service to others, etc. that would have a positive, useful emphasis, whether to me or, perhaps preferably, to others.

In the Spirit of my Master, one might say.

I have a predisposition to prefer positives to negatives, letting newly developed positive values or activities crowd out the negatives. Sounds good in theory, but not so easy to live that way.

Good wishes for coming out after Easter more Christ-like than when you entered Lent - whatever the method.

For those who have a different allegiance - quite possibly your belief system might recommend a similar plan: likely your life could stand some similar medicine without doing it much harm.

Some such ideas put into practice might improve things slightly in the Central African Republic, Northern Ireland, Sudan, Palestine, Zimbabwe and various other areas.

Good wishes to each as you plan and implement a more useful, self- and community-building lifestyle.

joyful guy

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