New here and a quick question - hope it's not a dumb one!

LiatrisJuly 24, 2005

Hi all. I'm hoping someone can tell me, please, whether Photoshop 7 has a flood fill function?

I've only recently started using it - most up-to-date program 'til now has been PSP 5 and photo Impression 4. If I flick between programs I can do most things I need to do, but a flood fill in photoshop would make things a little easier - I simply haven't been able to find it.

Many thanks


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Pam If this is what you are talking about..I have copied a picture of fill something, you go to your toolbar and r. click on the tool bar arrow with the gradient and it will give you the choice of the bucket,which is what you flood fill with..if that is what you are asking. I hope this helps..If not let me know.

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Yes, Bev, that's it - many thanks!!!

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