Fridays Painting

jacksmumJuly 22, 2005

WOW this week was different.

We still used oil paint but actually painted on canvas (usually have wood boards)

It's also the first time I've ever painted flowers.

It was a very interesting class.


Sue :)

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Great pic Sue! Where do you take your classes? Deb

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Are you sure this is the first time you painted flowers?
Beautiful job!!!

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This is awesome Sue - I love it. I also like the frame you posted at the other site - you should post it here so all can see it.
Really, really nice - I'll bet you'll do lots of flowers now.


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Wow Sue,
That is neat!
A friend of mine painted flowers alot.


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Thank you ladies.
Deb the classes are held at the local community centre. The teacher is a landscape artist who takes us through a picture a week step by step - he stands at the front and paints and we copy him. Lots of fun.

The flowers on canvas was a one off thing just so we could experience something different, next week it will be back to landscapes on wooden boards :)I love the effect of the background with the canvas - it absorbs the paint faster than wood.

Elaine - good idea. i'll start a new message and put the frame link as well.

Sue :)

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