house settleing

ladyleo1954April 21, 2013

We moved into this house 3 years ago. It is 15 years old and we noticed in the past 2 years nails popping out along the ceiling by the front door, the kitchen counters have come away from the walls about 1/4 inch by the side door, ceiling cracks are starting to appear around the stairs which are in the middle of the house and the bathroom door is off by quite a bit. I know the house will settle but do I need to be concerned. The popping nails really upset me as the ceiling is textured and vaulted and is open floor plan for the kitchen and living room. Is this a serious problem or just normal house settleing.

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Sophie Wheeler

As much settling as you are talking about, I'd be concerned. I'd schedule a visit from a structural engineer. It could be the best $300 you ever spent if it relieves your mind, OR if it uncovers hidden structural deficiencies that need to be corrected.

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Yes I would be very concerned. As Hollysprings suggests, get a good structural engineer in to take a good look. It may be a very simple solution.

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When a 15 y.o. house starts to warp at that rate, unless there have been poorly designed structural modifications done, I suspect an earth movement issue.
Are there cracks in the foundation or basement walls?
Do you live where sinkholes are known to occur?

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