Every room in house is too boomy-- help!

floridajaneApril 10, 2009

Our house has a very hard plaster (stucco?) on the walls. As a result we can't have dinner parties because our own voices bounce off the walls so much even we two can't eat in there!

What can I do? We've tried carpet, we've tried putting things on the walls, but short of hanging curtains over the length of every wall I am at a loss! Nothing has worked!

Thanks in advance for any advice,

The ear-plugged homeowner

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How old is the house?

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The house was built in 1957...

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My kitchen and dining room did this because everything was hard surface. No drapes no rugs etc. Floors are travertine, counter granite. Once I installed drapes, put in 4 upholstered chairs for the tables and a bunch of cushions for the window seat the echo sounds are only bad when we have a huge group in the room. So then I installed a bookcase full of books along one wall and that seemed to take care of it - maybe the paper in the books helps muffle?

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