Eliminating computer phone line?

alisandeMarch 10, 2003

I know I've seen ads for something that eliminates the need for a separate phone line for the computer. This device, whatever it is, alerts you when a call comes in. Does anyone know what it is and how I would find it on the Internet? Does it work as well as the ads say?

I've had a separate phone line for years, but will soon need to spend less money, and this sounds like it might help.



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We looked for one of those devises at Office Depot, they don't carry them anymore. In fact, the sales person said: they do NOT work as promised.


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They're all over around here now. And from what I've seen and heard, yes, they do work, but beware. You get a few seconds is all. It is NOT a second phone line. Even they say a "short" fax or call. And make it short. I think you'd be better off going with call forward on busy and get CallWave.


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Pooh Bear

I have one of these devices.
It does not work well at all.
It works with call waiting. A call comes in and the device rings. Then I am supposed to be able to pick up the phone and answer it. But the computer won't let go of the line fast enough and the person hangs up from waiting so long. And even if it does work you only get a few seconds of putting the computer on hold before it logs off.
I can not recommend one of these devices.
Better to get two phones or hi speed access.

Here is a link that might be useful: Catch a Call

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I only have one phone line. It's just DH and I and we don't use the phone very often so it's not a problem. But we do have voice mail from Verizon (our phone co) that picks up when I'm online. Otherwise, our answering machine takes calls when we're not online. I probably don't even need the voice mail but we do get more calls while we're online that I thought we would. The callers don't get frustrated this way.

You might want to compare the cost of something like that to an extra phone line.

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Glad I asked!! Re CallWave, voice mail, high-speed access, etc., we don't have those options where I live. Does a family-owned telephone company tell you anything? :-)

I'll just keep the two lines or cut down my Internet access (which might be a good idea anyway!).


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Susan, call that family-owned telephone company and tell them you think you'd like voice mail. It's not like it's that expensive for them to set up anymore, and if they know people want it, they'll look into it.

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Hi Alisande,

If you know any others who might be interested in a similar service, maybe encourage them to call, as well.

Maybe not all in the space of a few days, though, or the phone people may think that you're up to something.

Just a couple of ideas.

I hope that things are going as well as possible for you and hubby. Good wishes to you both.


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We had Sprint's voice mail at one time, it was about $7/month, much less than an extra phone line.

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Is it possible to use the computer mostly between 10 - 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.?

This applies only to U.S., Canadian, Russian or Chinese users - who work within four to six time zones:
Should reduce the problem - unless you live on the East coast and conduct a cross-country business.

Seriously - is there a certain time of day when most of your incoming calls arrive? Would it be possible to avoid using the internet during those periods (i.e. write messages to get ready to send several in a short period)?

Keep yer mind busy -it delays senility (I hear),

joyful guy

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If you have a cell phone, you can get call forwarding from the phone company ($2 to $3 a month) and forward calls to that when you are online. Eliminates the need for voice mail or those Internet call waiting services. Voice mail is fine, but if a call is an emergency, the caller still can't get through. Kind of bad if your kid is unexpectedly needing a ride home and they have to leave you a message.


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I haven't heard about this device - we just use a service where the computer is hooked up to the phone line and the Internet connection breaks when the phone rings.

I don't know what kind of phone services you have, but either an ISDN or an ADSL line would solve the problem. That way, you can be surfing the net and talking on the phone at the same time.

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I brought one at Radio Shack and it did not work.A waste of money.They took it back with no questions.

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The high-speed phone connections, that allow most of us to be on internet and receive a call at the same time, cost about $40./mo. in this area.

Recently they're offering a medium speed that is a little slower and costs around $30./mo. also but allows one to accept phone calls while online.

Is a connection via TV cable service available?


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Our family owned telephone company offers DSL. It is about $38 a month but is cheaper than having 2 lines. We could never predict when someone was going to call. Also, my children's teachers post their homework on line so it really isn't convenient for them to have to wait until later "in case someone calls".

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Pooh Bear

Ya'll are getting off cheap.
We checked into the difference of having 2 lines or DSL.
2 phone lines would be $20 each + internet access of $20
One phone line ($20) + DSL internet access ($55) is a total of $75
The difference was only $15, so we got DSL.
Had to pay a $250 setup fee tho.
But I love my DSL access. I transfer a lot of big files.
I would hate to go back now.

Pooh Bear

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Hi Pooh Bear,

Hope you enjoy your new connection.

It seems as though quite a few of those roads that we travel turn out to be one-way streets - we wouldn't want to go back.

Good wishes to the family,

ole Ed

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