Need 'Line Art' source

Joy_CAJune 17, 2005

Hi Good Group, does any one have a source for "Line Art" patterns, like you would use for stained glass or coloring book pages ?


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Hi Joy,

I use this site a lot.

I have used some of them for my rock paintings.


Here is a link that might be useful: Stained Glass Patterns

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Hi Rebecca, thank you so much, that's really great. I ran a search, but that one didn't come up.


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Hi - hope I'm not too late and wondering if this site has anything you might be able to use.


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Elaine, thank you, I appreciate your help.
The stamps are too detailed for my project.
I need the kind of Line Art that looks like a simple coloring is, also a good thing :-)

I have two stained glass images that I did, but, I'm not sure if I should post them.

The website says....
".....All graphics used in all tutorials are copyrighted
These tutorials, in part or as a whole, MAY NOT be copied in any form, rewritten, or distributed in any form including email."

I wonder why someone takes the time to write a tut, then puts all kinds of restrictions on it ?


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