Would I be an idiot to retile floor before replacing alcove tub?

robo (z6a)November 5, 2013

We have a guest/future kid bathroom with ugly pink tile floor, almond alcove shower/tub, orange oak vanity, etc. and are looking to refresh it on a budget.

I'm thinking re-tiling the bathroom floor would NOT be beyond our ability to DIY, but ripping out the alcove tub definitely WOULD (we are like 25% handy and youtube videos about replacing alcove tubs look extremely intimidating).

We're not really interested in getting tub recoated because it's kind of crappy to start with. It will be coming out, maybe in 5 years.

Would we be idiots to redo the floor before re-doing the tub? Will getting someone to rip out the tub at a later point damage the floor? Should we wait and do the whole thing at once?

Our alcove is 3 pieces, kinda like this but uglier:

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If I were on a tight budget, I would first look into refinishing the enclosure, including color change. Maybe get new trim for the valve, etc. Afterward, if the floor is solid and not too built up, I would tile over the existing (some prep work required - discuss with a tile shop before proceeding).

BTW, if you haven't done it before, paying to have it professionally retiled is money well spent. You could save by removing and reinstalling the sink, toilet, etc. yourself.

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robo (z6a)

Thanks for your comments! Because the enclosure isn't good quality, I'm not very interested in putting money toward refinishing it.

I have never tiled a single thing. I thought a bathroom floor might be a good place to start for a new DIY-er, especially since ours is square so would just need cuts for toilet and edges of course.

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Do you want to live with the hideous pink tile for five more years? Honestly if I had tile I could not stand I'd rather re-tile now, even if it meant re-tiling again in five years. Five years is a long time to live with something you don't like.

Maybe you could find some other acceptable way to cover the tile if it is in good shape. Large indoor outdoor rug?

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