Avg. labor cost for installing skylight?

lds1November 4, 2009

We've just received a bid from a contractor we're thinking of working with and wanted to understand what the labor cost should be (on avg.) for installing a skylight? His bid is $1200 and this doesn't include cost of skylight. Seems quite high to us so wanted to gut check it with everyone here.

Also, since we're adding a few skylights in the house, is it reasonable to expect a reduced rate per skylight? What's reasonable? Again, this is just labor.


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Might want to get a roofer's bid, then another for finishing the interior if needed.

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I forgot to add that we're putting on a new roof at the same time.

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Then ask the roofer and do it at the same time. If it's a flat roof, get a curb framed for it (to elevate it).

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Seems like a high bid to me, considering the roof will be off. What is included in the bid, besides cutting the hole, framing it, and putting in the skylight? Does it include trim out on the inside, sheetrock repair if necessary, and repainting?

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