Roof coating over roll roofing on low pitch roof?

jpherronApril 9, 2006

I have a large cape cod style dormer on the back of my house, with a very low pitch roof. It's currently covered in roll roofing, and I've noticed a couple fo small leaks develop this spring. I'd like to replace the entire house roof in a year or two, so I'd rather wait until then to replace the dormer's roof. Is it possible to cover a roll asphalt roof with some kind of roof coating to seal it for another year or 2? The roof is not visible from any angle, so looks are not important. If this is possible, what kind of coating should I use?

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two options that come to mind are roofing mastic or placing another layer of roll or rubber membrane on top. If the leaks are isolated, then slap some goop (mastic) on them until the roof is done properly.

I suspect that you already knew the answer to your question when you posted it. i.e. a "quick and dirty" fix is just that...a quick and dirty fix.

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Rubber (EPDM) membrane is damaged by contact with petroleum products, like the tar in roofing.
You need to consider the damage that has likely occured to the roof deck from any leaks you can see, and consider speeding up the replacement.
Double coverage roll with cold mastic is cheap and pretty easy to apply.

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