Paint Shop Pro X

roseluverJune 2, 2006

I received Paint Shop Pro X today. I have not installed it yet. Do any of you have it? I have PSP 7 and 8 but this one sounded so good.

Can anyone tell me where I can check to see how much available memory I have on my computer. I feel sure I

have enough but want to make sure.



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If you are running Windows XP, click on My Computer - then right click on your C drive, and choose properties. You should then see a pie chart with the blue showing memory used and the pink showing available memory.
I have PSPvX on my computer and am getting to know my way around it, the more I use it, the more I like it.


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Thanks Elaine only one little slice of the pie has been used. Charlene

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Boo Hoo Hoo, I can't get it to install. I have tried several different ways to install it but nothing works.
Any words of advise? I went to start, run, etc. I also went to my computer, D drive, install, it keeps telling me to put a disk in D drive. Hey, it is already there.

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I'm no computer expert, but I would put the disk in the drive, then go to My Computer, click on D drive and if it won't start - try right click and check properties, see if it shows there is something on the disk???

Is it possible the disk is no good - I can't think of anything else. If this doesn't work, put your question on the Computer Forum and possibly someone there can help you. Be sure to tell them your operating system etc. so they know what to advise.

Sorry I'm not much help.

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Thanks Elaine. I tried the first suggestion and it shows me there is something on the disc. I have posted help on the computer forum. Hopefully someone can advise me.

I probably will have to wait until Monday and telephone them Corel. I am so impatient, I want to use it NOW!! Thanks again!

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Corel has a newsgroup community with different groups for:
Paint Shop Pro X
Paint Shop Pro 9
Paint Shop Pro 8
Paint Shop Pro Older Versions

Paint Shop Pro Photography
Paint Shop Pro Scripting
Paint Shop Pro Graphics
Paint Shop Pro Scrapbooking
Paint Shop Pro Feature Requests

The people there are very helpful and friendly. I have learned a ton of good stuff from them.

Go to the Corel site at, click on Community and scroll down to Newsgroups/Forums, click on "Start using the Corel Newsgroups", scroll down to the Paint Shop Pro listings and click on Paint Shop Pro X.

I use OE to access the groups. There are instructions for using OE on the newsgroup page. Others use different newsreaders. One day I'll get ambitious and get myself a good newsreader, meantime this works fine.


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I tried using several different disc and the drive doesn't read any of them. My problem isn't with the software. Now I am really crying..Apparently my problem is with the drive or driver....I (dummy) don't know the difference.
Thanks for ya'lls imput. Charlene

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You could go to the Corel site and download a 30 day free trial of PSP. As it installs, or after it installs, try to use the reg. key that came with the one you bought to get it regestered as a full no limit copy.

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I had a bad drive. My computer guy came today and brought a DVD drive and installed it and installed PSPX. I have had to order a new drive as mine is a DVD/CD that burns and writes. I am so glad I have to learn how to use it. Any of you have it and can give me some pointers or a simple TUT to try?

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Here's a great site for finding tuts...

They are organized by catagory.

Big Hint: many of the best tools have been hidden in the Unused section of the toolbar customization.


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Jillzey, thanks so much for the link. It has a lot of good "stuff" on it. I can have months of fun there. I use to go to Carol's Creations but have not been able to get it for a month or so...anyone know what has happened to her site? Charlene

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OH I wish I had PaintShopProX. I have heard a lot of good things about it but it is out of my price range :(

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Here is a link for, total after rebates is $29.99.

Here is a link that might be useful: PSPX at Amazon

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Best Buy stores have a good sale on.

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I checked the amazon site & PSPX doesn't run on windows 98 which is what I have. I guess sooner or later I'm gonna have to upgrade even if I don't want to.

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Thanks kyry,
I think I'm going to get it at Amazon - rebates take forever, but I guess I can wait - I really love PSPX!!

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Hi there, Sugar,

Just a note to help you decide, if you don't up grade to Windows XP, you are going to be terribly behind when Windows Vista comes out in Jan. 2007. Windows '98 is gonna go out the window fast. All the coming new software will not download on Windows '98. It's just like have to replace them every 5 or so years. Summer is a great time to buy new computers. You're going to love Windows XP.

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I, like you, kept putting off getting a new computer because it would be XP and I loved Win98.
I had to get a new computer because my 6 year old win 98 was like comparing a model T with a Ford Focus.
It just did not have what I needed for the type of work I was doing. 10GB hard drive compared to 200? Old modem (V90) etc.
I lucked out on having to get a new computer cause it came with XP SP2 etc. to where I didn't have to upgrade it which caused a lot of problems for those that did.
All I can say is Windows XP is the GREATEST!!!!!!
There are so many good features I use and LOVE.

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I haven't checked this post in quite awhile.
I got this computer sometime around 2002. I could have gotten XP then. I sure wish I had made him give me my copy of XP as I furnished my own 98. A little late now. I guess sooner or later I'll have to bite the bullet & get it. I just hope I don't lose everything when when it is done. I have a zillion PSP tube LOL & would hate to lose them. They are on drive D so maybe I won't. Most of my PSP filters are on drive D also.
I need to backup my filters.
I have a burner but haven't used it in a LONG LONG time & don't even remember how. I don't even have the program installed anymore.

My son found out the hard way if your XP is pirated U can't put in some new programs. He bought his computer USED from a shop. It had XP but was an illegal one & he didn't know it.
He now has a legal one in it. His was XP professional. The HOME one may be different.

I just got NetScape 7.1 last nite. I only use it for mail but my old 4.7 quite working all of a sudden when NS did some changes. I wish I could get a CD for it like I did the 4.7 I had. I can't upgrade as higher doesn't support mail.

Most of the time newer isn't better.. just harder to use.

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i just bought PSPX and i just finished installing it, when i click on the icon to use it, this comes up:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Program:....files/corel/corel paint shop pro x/paint shop pro x/.exe

This application has requested runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the applications support team for more information.

What should i do???

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I have been using PSPX for six months now, smashing programme, would recommend. I use it in conjuction with animation shop. made some nice animations, and desktop wallpapers. It takes a bit of time to sus it out,well worth the effort.

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