NEW roofing problems

lesliewApril 6, 2006

Now that we had the old roof(s) ripped off (five months ago) in order to put down ice shield and prevent backup into the house, we have two new problems. One, they did not wrap the edges of the roof as GAF recommends in areas where damming is prevalent, so we have accomplished nothing, and two, they put up defective roofing with a color problem, so that interspersed among the "rustic redwood" are lots of gray shingles. Roofer has disappeared on me, and Tamko's only solution is to swap those areas with shingles from a second floor roof, and says this would be as a "favor", since they do not warranty color. I was aware of the problem when the roofing went up, and asked the roofer about it, and his answer was "It's dirt". He knew from the beginning that there was a problem but did not want to waste time- just wanted the roof finished. There is too much gray to be able to switch shingles, and I'm not even happy about possibly having the roof compromised by this. Also, it doesn't solve the backup of water under the drip edge when snow melts. Who do I go after, here? Roofer, roofing company, both??? The current situation is not acceptable.

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contact a lawyer, and give him EVERYTHING you have. contracts, before and after pictures, names of all parties involved, everything.

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All I can do is stand behind davidandkasie. You got ripped and there are several issues here that going after only 1, will not resolve.

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is there a difference between the roofer and the roofing company? I believe that the manufacturer has offered about the most that you can expect from him. Your problem seem to be entirely related to installation (wrong color shingles should never have been installed).

I concur that in order to recover anything you need to contact an attorney.

sorry to hear about it.

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When I say "roofing company", I am referring to Tamko, the manufacturer, and there is no way they can swap normal colored shingles with discolored ones because there is not enough normal roofing on the second floor to fill all the areas which have problems. As for the roofer himself, he has basically disappeared. You are right, the roofing should never have been put up, the the roofer knew that, since I pointed out the discoloration immediately. He lied, and said it was "dirt", and it went up anyway. So.....for five months I have been waiting for the "dirt" to disappear, which of course it never did, since it was defective color!

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The issue appears to be with the installer if he used mixed shingles, not the manufacturer.
If the different colors came from the same batch you might have a complaint with the manufacturer, but the roofer should have thrown away any odd colored shingles.
Talk to an attorney.

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I am so sorry. This is entirely the roofers fault.

If it is any consulation for you we were riped off $10,000 by a local large construction company. There are 37 HOs in the same situation as us, some had more $$$$ involved and some had less. We had no work done, man took our deposit and that is the last we heard from him. IL Attorney General has taken over the case and the owner has been in jail for almost a year now. Case is still pending and it is doubtful we will get all our money back.

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I think the consolation is the fact that experiences with disreputable home improvement contractors is general. It can be cathartic to complain together...misery loves company...we're all in the same boat...that kind of stuff.

These forums can help those looking to have remodeling or repairs done to go into the process with an idea of the good that can happen, the bad and the ugly.

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rhetorical statement. no explanation needed. IMHO, comiseration over dealing with builders/contractors/any business dealing gone bad compared to the frustration and the lost time and money from the situation offers little to no consolation, albiet a well-intentioned effort.

I hope it works out in end for both of these individuals.

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Followup. After all these weeks, and my filing a complaint with the Nassau County Department of Consumer Affairs, it appears that although the roofer is arguing left and right that he didn't do anything wrong, and that there is no reason I can't live with discolored roof shingles on the back of the house, at least, if they are willing to replace the ones in the front, it would appear that the roofing manufacurer itself is going to pay for me to have a new roofing job with a roofer of my choice. Bravo for the Dept. of Consumer Affairs. They really do have clout, people. Not sure why the manufacurer is willing to do this when they claim they are not responsible for color defects, is beyond me, but I am not going to debate the point. Now I have to go through the process all over again, and this one was the BEST of the ones I interviewed!!

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Roofer said the shingles he used would fade from that gray to the beige to match the original shingles. Is this possible? In my lifetime? I'm no Monet but do know that grays and beiges are not in the same family.

Thanks to all for the usual great info.

Here is a link that might be useful: roof repair

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Do not believe for a minute that the shingles will change color and blend into one color. Sounds like you were sold a bill of goods the same as I was when I was told it was "dirt" which accounted for the gray shingles. The roofer even lied in his letter to Consumer Affairs when he said the shingles were all one color when they were installed, and that it was weathering over a season which caused the fading. I have a feeling that some of these roofing manufacturers dump their seconds on distributors, who then sell them at deep discount to roofers who feel they can get away with installing defective roofing. I refused to go near Tamko a second time, went with GAF, and the roofing is now all one color, and even looks better in every respect than the Tamko did. Now I still have an attic insulation problem to deal with, but that is in the works now. May I ask who the manufacturer of your roofing shingles is?

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First of all, my apologies for hijacking this thread. Was not my intention. Just wanted to vent and show what a scam these roofers can pull. LeslieW, in response to your question as to the manufacturer, they look to be either GAF or Elk. I've not been able to get a direct answer from either company's representative or better yet the roofing company that performed the repair. BTW, I have not paid for this job yet. Now they are threatening a lien. What a joke this has all been.

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No apologies necessary. The more people who post with problems like this, the more others learn from it! I don't see how they can do your roof without giving you the information on the shingles themselves. I would call your local Consumer Affairs Department, and file a complaint. Take pictures of the roof, as well.

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Licensed, yes. Performance bond, no. No such thing. He only has to provide proof of license and all insurance coverage.

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What is meant by wrapping the edges?

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Wrapping the edges means bringing the ice shield over the eaves and mounting the gutters over it. This seals the area under the roofing, just above the gutter line, which was a major problem here, since the water did not penetrate from above -it built up in the gutters and then backed up under the roofing. In the front of the house, it came in through the first opening it could find - the window. In the back, it found its way into the patio lights mounted under the soffits, and destroyed them. When the lights were taken down, the bulbs, as well as the motion sensor, were filled with water. If not for that opening where the electric box was mounted, the water would have come into the bedroom. Grace does mention applying the shield that way, in areas of major ice damming, on its site, GAF mentions it in their video on the site.

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