Fridays painting - watercolor

jacksmumJune 17, 2006

Hi folks

WOW for those of you who do water color I applaud you - I found it very hard to work with. The only thing I did like was that it's much less messy than oil.

I found it hard to get the right ration - too much water and my paper starting buckling and the colors bled - to little water and it just won't work. LOL

Anyway here's my first and probably last attempt at a watercolor


Sue :)

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Again you are too hard on yourself. I think it is pretty darn good!!!

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LOL Thanks Judy but the people are odd lol one even looks like a golf bag and those clouds are just pitiful. LOL but at least I can say "I have done watercolors"

I am happy with the beach and trees :)

Sue :)

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That is great and wonderful for your first time.

Yes, I think Elaine left her bag there?
She's wondering how to get her ball out of the water? :)


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So what's wrong with a golf bag on the beach? - come on Sue - lighten up! That could have been me making my last sand shot (supposed to go over the water, not in it). Bet this won't be your last water color - this is really quite nice.

Good luck to you and Jack tomorrow - I'll be thinking about you.

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LOL Elaine it's water golf - go grab a snorkel and go get that ball!!

Dropped Jack off at the vets an hour ago - poor baby had to be muzzled and they gave ME that job - lol what a fiasco as I've NEVER put a muzzle on him before - Yes I understand the need for it but geez it was stressful enough without me fumbling about trying to tighten straps.

Anyway they sedated him while I was there so he was calm enough at being left so now I'm waiting for them to call and let me know what the problem with his paw is.

Will keep you posted
Sue :)

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