strong man and beautiful girl

oldalgebraJune 18, 2005

Remember the cartoon picture of the muscle bound strong man carrying the voluptous girl on the beach? You used to see them at Coney Island. There was a hole where each head would go and two people could get their picture taken by putting their heads in the open oval holes. They usually had 1890s type bathing suits on.

I am looking for a graphic like that. Am willing to pay for it.

Any suggestions as to where I might look?

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Hi Oldalgebra
My first thought was Photo Fantasy - software that lets you insert your own heads on pictures, so I found my copy and installed it but sadly there's nothing like that there :(

A google search of "1890 couples" didn't find anything and neither did "1890 bathing suits"

I'll keep looking and if I come up with something similar I'll let you know.

Sue :)

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My Photo Fantasy has one of a modern strong man and beautiful girl...

That's just a reduced sample, the original is 1024 x 768 pixels. His face is blanked out because the software allows you to put another face on his body.

That program is now called FunHouse and they have a free 15 day trial demo version you can download. Don't know if that picture or one more like you describe is in there (says there are 150) but might be worth downloading to see. Would probably be fun playing with the demo anyway. Demo version is under Free Downloads on the right.


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