PSP Help for a friend

jacksmumJune 28, 2006

Hi I got an email today from my friend Karen but I can't help. I'm hoping someone here will be able to.


Sue :)

Right now I'm using my backup computer an old Packard Bell running windows me. I found enough disk space to load and run my psp program. But I'm having a small problem when it comes to vector layers. First as you can see by the screen shot the vector layer should be showing up white but it is showing transparent with a black line around it. And second where you can adjust the line width it won't let you (see the arrow). Do you know a way to fix this?

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I see 2 problems already-------
Packard Bell & PSP8! :) Just kidding!
Also, I would move the Layer Palette to under the materials for more room.

Go up and UNcheck the retain style box to UNgrey the "Width" option.
I don't quite understand your Transparent/white question?

Here is what mine looks like?


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Thank U Karen & Sue!

I just learned something by trying to solve that problem!



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Thanks Urlee
I'll sent Karen a link to here so she can read it for herself and ask more questions if she needs too.
Sue :)

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Hi, this is Karen (jacksmum friend). I want to thank the both of you for your help. Urlee unchecking the retain style box worked. It actually solved both the problems. And I have to agree this computer is the pits but it's all I have until I can find parts for my other one.
Now if you don't mind I have another question for you both. How can I move the layers pallette under the materials palette. Om my old computer all 3 of the pallettes (materials, preview, and layer) were all lined up in a nice row on the right hand side of my screen. But when I loaded it onto this computer you see from the screen shot above that they are large and not lined up.
Thank you both for all your help!

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Hi Karen,
Happy to hear from you and also be of help!
Didn't mean to insult your PB computer and would be happy to have it if I had to too.
Any friend of Sue's is a friend of mine. So you must know how many friends I have? "LOL"
We are one big happy family here and I (we) hope to see more of you here.

Just go up to the top where it says layer and press down on your mouse button and drag it over and under the materials palette. You may have to click on the restore button in the middle after you drag it to get it to show right.

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Thanks again Urlee! I have it straightened out and feel more normal now. When you get used to using a program a certain way and then it changes it can be a bit confusing.

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Thanks Urlee.
KAA drop by every now and then - it's not the fastest moving place but the people are wonderful and very helpful.
Sue :)

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Who'd ever thunk I would be able to help someone like I did and do?
Makes me feel good but not "Big Headed".


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