making wall niches or recessed built-in shelving

fern4November 1, 2008

I'm trying to figure out how to frame and build both a small niche that will be used for a phone and a larger recessed area that could hold shelves (e.g., 4-5 feet long).

It seems the options for the larger built-in shelving include framing the wall to put in a ready-made unit or framing and finishing it in drywall and then adding shelves somehow. At a minimum I want to frame this so that I can cut the wall open later and install the shelving.

For the smaller niche, it seems that the bottom part needs to be wood or some other hard surface but I don't have a mental picture of how this gets put together.

Any pictures of in-progress or completed niches or recesses would be appreciated, or other advice!

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How deep do these recesses need to be for your purposes? Most stud walls can only accommodate a recess that's about 4" deep unless you have unneeded space on the other side of the wall - a closet, for example.

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They would be framed the same way you frame a window with a header and proper supporting studs.

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In both cases I have more room than the studs. In one case, it might be as deep as 12-14 inches which is why I am confused.

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