%20 why is it there?

sugar_flJune 3, 2005

What causes the %20 to come ina picture URL. I have one that does it & even after saving & uploading it again it still is there. Sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn't. It is one that I made.

See if it works now *G*

it seems to be working at least on the preview but I didn't put the %20 in when I saved it.


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I think it's where there is a space in the file name.
Morning stroll1.jpg would become Morning%20stroll1.jpg

Removing the space and making it a single file name: morningstroll.jpg or morning_stroll.jpg should solve the problem.
Sue :)

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Yes, that comes up in some browsers where there is normally a space. It's because some browsers "don't like" spaces, so they fill them in.

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Thanks that was the answer. I had no idea why it was doing it. I have seen it before on other peoples. I fixed it now :)

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