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liz_hMarch 21, 2008

A few people have mentioned here that they use a Flowbee or similar device for haircuts. I have a few questions. Did any of you cut your own or a family member's hair prior to using one of these? I cut my husband's hair, and often cut my own. Both hairstyles are short and seem well-adapted to Flowbee use. The back of my hair is a pain, even with a good mirror set-up.

Is is any quicker to cut hair with the FLowbee? How much concentration and steadiness does it take? I have health issues, and some days I don't feel clear-headed or physically coordinated enough to do a good job with a scissors. It would be wonderful if my husband could do the back of my hair, or even trim his own on occasion.

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I bought one a couple months back. You still need to trim the edges. Back side of the ears and neck is really hard with scissors for me,,, thats the time consuming part because the scissors always want to point the wrong direction.

Otherwise I set the flowbee up with 3 inches of spacers and just bounce it every which a way untill I feel confident I've cut each and every hair on my head. Works well for that.

People give compliments ... did you get a hair cut.. looks good. I tell em cost me $30 bucks! (ebay)

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I bought mine to use for my dog but he wouldn't stick around when the vacuum started so that was out. One day I decided to try it myself. Been using it ever since.

Couple things, first, you need a fairly powerful vacuum to work efficiently since it needs to go through the hose and pull the hair up to cut it properly. I use my shopvac since my regular vacuum wouldn't work it right. Next, static electricity can make the hair hard to pull in there. However, that's seldom an issue. Also, if you're taking off a lot of hair, take it in sections. For instance, I usually take an inch or more so I usually take it down in about 1/2" steps to make it even or at least take the bulk and then go down a little bit more to finish it off. Seems to work better and not leave stray hairs that are longer.

If you're a little unsteady with your hands this is far better than a scissors. It has the maximum length to be taken off so you can't slip and take too much. Oh, and it really makes a difference (I think anyway) to cut clean hair.

Couple other things I do: When doing the sides and back, have the clipper so it's, well "vertical", that is the long part is vertical and the blades are clipping horizontally. I then bring it around the sides, flip the handle the other way and get the other side. When I'm done, I use a mustache & beard trimmer with the attachment (sort of a mini hair clipper) to trim around the ears and do the neck up to the hairline. A little clumsy the first few times you do it but then you get used to it. Some people said they just used an electric razor to trim. I used a Trac II a few times too if I wanted it really smooth

I also wrapped a folded towel around the back of my head so it was at the base of the hairline. Held that in place by pulling on it from the front and then used the clipper to trim up to the towel. Now, I don't get quite as fussy, I trim the sides and around the ears and it's fine. The mirror made things kind of confusing, so I trim more now by feel than watching in the mirror. Look in the mirror and see where it needs trimming, put a finger on it so I feel where it needs to go and run the trimmer along there and I'll feel it and know when it's right.

I guess I'm making it sound more complicated than it is. It really is very simple. Take your time and you'll get more efficient as time goes on. At first it took me about 45-50 minutes to do a clipping, now about 20-25 including the time to pull out the unit, the shopvac and put it away. Even at first it was still far less time than driving to a barber, waiting my turn, getting the cut, come back home and then have to take a shower to get rid of the hair that goes down your back and neck! This eliminates that problem except for the possibility when trimming.

Maintenance is simple. Drop of oil on each of the cutting blades and all is well. If your vacuum doesn't have very good suction the hose can hold some hair, especially where the electric connections are at. No big deal, Straighten out the hose and the vacuum takes care of it.

Most people are surprised when I tell them I Flobee'd it. I'm very satisfied. Especially considering the number of bad haircuts I've gotten over my years too!

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Liz, If you've been cutting normally in a mirror I assure you, this gadget will present no problem for you at all. I've been using the flowbee for around 10 or 12 years and have nothing but praise for how easy it makes giving yourself or others a haircut that is quite presentable. Practice certainly helps, but you already have the difficult part under your belt.

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mikie, cynic and dave,

Thank you for your detailed replies. After posting this I finally cut my husband's hair. It looked so good I was reconsidering the purchase. Then I thought about doing the back of my own hair with scissors and it was an easy decision. :) I'm looking for a good buy on eBay right now, but will pay full price gladly if I don't get a good deal soon.

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I have been using one for my son and husband for about 6 years now. My mom bought it for me after she used it once on my son. At first son didn't want to let me. I told him I would pay him half of what it costs to get his hair cut. He agreed. I only had to do that a few times now he is willing. My husband wouldn't let me cut with it until one time he really needed his hair cut. He said it was the best cut he had in a long time. I have longer hair so I don't use a flowbee....They are great and pay for themselves quickly. It does take a bit of practice, read the guide, it helps alot.

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I have a Flowbee that my husband uses to cut my hair (I keep it short). I tried giving him a flat-top once and it came out more like a buzz cut. Anyone have any ideas how to give a proper flat-top?


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try robocut with attached vacuum. works well

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