Donated Items - fair market value

whazzupMarch 8, 2003

I saw a post somewhere in these forums about a website that would help you compute the value of donated clothing to charity. I believe the comments were that this particular website or software was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Anybody recall or know of such a site? Thanks -

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Ya know what... I do that from time to time. I post a message and then I think to go back into my Favorites on my toolbar :) So I found it if anyone else is interested. Sorry for the interruption!

Here is a link that might be useful: BATS

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We use "It's Deductible" which is a great software program, which can be updated each year, as prices go up. They give you fair prices on your donations and have it set up where you can log them for proof if you ever got audited. It was only about $15 or $20 I believe. Well worth it.


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Thank you so much for the link. When I had my taxes done, my CPA told me that the Salvation Army should have a list you could look at giving you prices. He said I was estimating too low. I appreciate this link so much.
Kathy G in MI

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