Making photohows on the computer

coppertop367June 12, 2008

I just saw a DVD of photos that someone had made and I am very interested in doing this. I have seen the Photoshow5 ad on the computer and made a show on it and I like it very much. I was wondering if there is better software out there that is not too expensive? (say no more than &60.00)I don't want to get anything too complicated as I am not very good with computer things. Thanks for any info you can give me, Sandra

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Hi Sandra,

You might want to look into a program you probably already have, Windows Movie is part of Windows'll find it under:

- Start Button
- Programs
- Accessories
- Entertainment
- Windows Movie Maker

You can create slide shows, add text, music can make it as simple or as complicated as you like....

If you are running Windows, the price is right.... : ))


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I am using Photostory on CD & DVD and LOVE it sooooo much, I am in my glory!
The only problem is, is instead of a book you can read, everything (manuals & help) now a days is electronic so I have my eye on getting a laptop so I can relax in the easy chair to read instructions and hints on how to use everything. I was printing out stuff but that was hard on the pocketbook. (ink/paper)
I started using movie maker but found better easier options on Photo Story 2004 which I only paid $18.97 for then being that was an older version, I decided to get the newest one from BestBuy that was $19.99- $$25.54 w/tax,shipping on the net.

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Thanks so much for the information on the Windows Movie Maker. I checked it out, and have already made a DVD on it . I think this will help me for a while . Maybe after I get the hang of it, I will buy some type of software to add more to it. Thanks again, FlutteringBy.

Urlee, thanks for the info on Photostory. I will check this out after I practice on my computer with the movie maker. Thanks again for the info.

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I think the reason I went with another program was because I needed an encoding tool to burn to disk to be able to play on my DVD player. Plus it has better features.

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